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  • OEKO-TEST in Germany - More than 180 awards with this very critical consumer magazine that checked ingredients and packaging.
  • INNOVATION PRIZES in Germany - for Lipgloss, Sun Spray 15 and 25, Self tanner, Eye concealer, Vanilla Coconut Lotion at the BIOFACH show in Germany, more than any other manufacturer.
  • 2006 BEAUTY AWARD in the UK - for Rouge #2 and Body Lotion Vervaine-Lime
  • 2008 GORGEOUSLY GREEN Beauty Award – Best Self Tanner. “This is the best self-tanner on the market. Non-toxic, and not at all smelly! It smoothes on like a luscious body lotion and after a few hours, reveals a truly flawless tan.”
  • 2008 Ranked #1 in OEKO-TEST review of Greenest Beauty Brands – Lavera beat out 33 other brands including Dr Hauschka, Weleda, Loreal, Colgate as the greenest beauty brand after a review of over 1800 products.