Gluten-free has become a prevalent life-style and the world has been adapting to it. With more options than ever for all types of diets Lavera supports them all. Lavera skin care and cosmetcs are all 100% gluten free and organic. Being healthy does not just apply to a balanced diet and exercise anymore. With research being released daily on harmful ingredients in products, taking a stand to make healthy, chemical free choices will take you one simple step closer to a healthy lifestyle. You deserve the best and we are here to give it to you.

All Lavera skin care and cosmetics are 100% Gluten Free, Certified Natural, and made with organic ingredients. The formulations are updated with innovative active ingredients based on the latest scientific research. They are all made in Germany to rigorous EU quality standards, with new modern packaging at an affordable price.

Gluten has become a common concern among those with Celiac Disease. This autoimmune digestive disease interferes with a person’s ability to digest food and absorb nutrients. There is no cure for Celiac Disease. The only effective treatment is a gluten free lifestyle. Even though Celiac is normally associated with food, those who have gluten sensitivities should also stay clear of skin products containing gluten. The gluten can be absorbed through skin and cause the same side effects as consumption.

As a gluten free individual, you must stay away from a specific gluten protein called gliadin found in wheat flour. This protein reacts with the small intestine tissue in people with Celiac Disease, causing an inflammatory reaction that reduces the body's ability to absorb nutrients. This can Lead to abdominal cramping, bloating of the stomach, chronic diarrhea or constipation (or both), Anemia – unexplained, due to folic acid, B12 or iron deficiency (or all), or unexplained weight loss with large appetite or weight gain.

Lavera provides options for those dealing with Celiac Disease, sensitivities towards wheat protein or wheat germ extract, and people who are just looking to take health to the next level. Lavera is not only health conscious, but also effective. With Lavera’s cosmetics and skin care lines completely free of gluten, Parabens, Phthalates, petroleum, Synthetic Fragrances or dyes of any kind, your mind can rest at ease. Start your healthy lifestyle and see what Lavera can offer you!