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Elemi (Canarium Luzonicum, or C. Commune)
Elemi (Canarium Luzonicum, or C. Commune)

What: Elemi comes from the Elemi tree, native to the Philippines, has been used in the Middle East for thousands of years as an antiseptic, and for treating scars and wounds. Used in essential oil form in skincare, Elemi is known for its ability to support collagen and promote cell regeneration. The oil has a mild citrus scent.

Origin: Elemi essential oil is steam distilled from the resin harvested from the tree. (Wiki).

Products Found In: Elemi oil is most often used in facial moisturizers, treatments, and eye creams. (EWG).

Alternative Names: Canarium Luzonicum, C. commune, Canarium Luzonicum Oil, Elemi Oil. (EWG).

Toxicity: Elemi (Canarium Luzonicum, or C. commune) is generally classified as non-toxic or harmful. (EWG).