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All Lavera products are certified 100% natural and contain certified organic ingredients. However, over 100 products are also certified VEGAN by the UK based Vegan Society.

The BDIH is a standards body that certifies a product to be 100% natural and mandates certified organic sourced ingredients wherever possible. In doing so, applies their own strict set of rules that govern any product displaying the Certified Natural seal. These rules define "Natural" to exclude: Synthetic compounds, petrochemical derived compounds, genetically modified organisms, raw materials from dead animals, animal testing.

But what if the product says "Milk" in its title?
Lavera uses the word "milk" to describe the creamy consistency of the product. Other Lavera products use lactic acid that is derived from a fermentation process using cornstarch or beet sugar. These products ARE vegan and have been certified by the UK based VEGAN SOCIETY.

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