Nahaufnahme von zahlreichen cremefarbenen Karanjablüten

Karanja oil – A natural beauty secret from India

Pongam oil is suitable for all skin types and has moisturising properties. The oil is in fact a true all-rounder: It cares for your skin gently and can delay skin ageing due to its high anti-oxidant content.

Nahaufnahme einer weiß lilafarbenen Karanjablüte mit einem Tropfen Öl
Nahaufnahme einer weiß lilafarbenen Karanjablüte mit einem Tropfen Öl

INCI-designation: Pongamia Glabra Seed Oil 

Typical growing region: India

Special characteristic: Lightweight skincare oil for firmer, more elastic skin

Indian beauty

In addition, this valuable oil can reduce small skin imperfections. The secret of Indian beauty – let this wonderful beauty oil become part of your daily care routine!

Wonder plant Pongamia

Nahaufnahme von zahlreichen cremefarbenen Karanjablüten

The Pongamia Glabra tree, also referred to as the “Indian Beech” belongs to the family of legumes and thrives mainly in Southern India and Sri Lanka, but is also cultivated in Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia and in the Pacific region.

Nahaufnahme einer weiß lila farbenen Karanjablüte auf weißem Hintergrund

The trees are often found in coastal forests and in rows lining boulevards. It is a truly robust tree with a large crown and small white, pink or purple flowers. Karanja oil is obtained from the seeds of the Pongamia oil tree. 

Karanja oil in our products

Karanja oil makes its biggest performance in the firming facial care products of lavera Naturkosmetik. It supplies your skin with valuable moisture, which is already needed in a greater quantity after the age of 25. In addition: For dry, normal or greasy skin – Karanja oil offers the perfect care for all skin types!

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