Roter Apfel mit grünen Blättern am Ast mit Tauwasser

Organic apple - the fruit from paradise

For many, the apple is a daily source of pleasure - enjoyed by young and old alike, and thanks to its protective peel, compact size and robustness, it is simply the perfect snack for your handbag. The apple has its origins in West and Central Asia, where it could already be found as early as 10,000 BC in the form of the Asian wild apple. We draw on the power of this healthy super fruit in selected lavera products.

Knackige rote Äpfel dicht nebeneinander
Knackige rote Äpfel dicht nebeneinander

INCI designation: Pyrus Malus (Apple) Fruit Extract  

Typical growing regions: Europe, South America, Israel, China 

Talent: Provides a fruity aroma and fresh experience

A symbol of love and beauty

In ancient times, the aromatic fruit made its way to Southern and Eastern Europe via various trade routes, and enjoyed increasing popularity on account of its health benefits. The name is not in keeping with its positive reputation: "Apple" originally stems from the Latin word "Malus", which equates to the English words "bad, dire or evil". Background: In the Biblical creation account, as is well-known, the tempting fruit became Adam and Eve's downfall, as the apple brought about the Fall of Man and was thus responsible for man's expulsion from paradise. We are only too happy to be tempted by this wonderfully sweet, healthy fruit, and we use its plant power to enhance natural beauty. After all, in Greek mythology the apple has always been a symbol of love and beauty. 

From flower to fruit, a visual treat

Ast eines Apfelbaums mit drei reifen Früchten

The "Malus domestica" apple variety is a stone fruit and grows on trees or shrubs that can reach up to 10 metres tall. Depending on the variety, between April and June apple trees produce small pink-white flowers, which are surrounded by small, light green fruit leaves. A blooming apple tree is one of the delights of our local natural environment and generates a pure summer mood and good spirits on the first warm days of early summer. The fruits ripen in the summer and are ready for harvest from September. 

Roter Apfel mit grünen Blättern am Ast mit Tauwasser

The Old Country in Northern Germany - an apple paradise

The high-quality organic apple extract is manufactured in-house by lavera Naturkosmetik. To this end, lavera uses organic apples from the Old Country in Northern Germany. The Old Country is the largest connected fruit-growing region in Northern Europe and is located just outside the gates of Hamburg. Apples grow particularly well in this region, as the soil close to the River Elbe landscape is rich in nutrients and fertile. The North German climate also offers the ideal conditions for fruit cultivation. As such, the apple represents a trademark of this globally recognised regional growing area.

Organic apple in our products

Organic apple is used in the innovative lavera haircare treatment. It provides a fruity aroma and a fresh experience. The innovative care formula is particularly gentle on the hair and scalp and provides a soft, foamy experience.

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