Nahaufnahme einiger gruener Zitronenmelisse Blaetter auf weißem Untergrund

Organic lemon balm – nature’s skin-soothing treatment

Lemon balm has a tradition as a healing plant that dates back hundreds of years. Its leaves, and the essential oil that they contain, have been used for centuries as a remedy to treat complaints such as anxiety, sleep disturbances and nervous gastrointestinal disorders. It has for a long time been considered an exceptional means by which to lift the spirit. In natural skin care, it impresses primarily on account of its relaxing effect and even its antiviral properties.  

Frische Melissenblätter in einer weißen Porzellanschale
Frische Melissenblätter in einer weißen Porzellanschale
INCI designation: Melissa Officinalis Leaf Extract 

Typical growing region: worldwide 

Talent: immediate relief for dry lips

Summer herb with a citrus-fresh aroma

Common balm, or “lemon balm” as it is known on account of its citrus-fresh fragrance, belongs to the labiate family. It is a perennial plant with small flowers, which grows up to a height of 1.5 metres. Among others, its components include essential lemon balm oil, which is composed primarily of citral, citronellal and linalool and gives the lemon balm its fresh, lemony scent. Lemon balm also contains flavonoids, polyphenols and tannins. Did you know that the name “melissa” originally stems from Greek? The term “melissa” can be traced back to the Greek word for “bees”. The reason is simple: this plant is very popular with bees.

Dual function: Gentle soothing of the skin and an antiviral effect 

Nahaufnahme einiger gruener Zitronenmelisse Blaetter auf weißem Untergrund

The organic lemon balm extract, which we produce in-house and is used in a number of lavera Naturkosmetik products, is acquired from lemon balm leaves by means of extraction. 

Weiße Porzellanschale mit weißem Moerser und frischen gruenen Melisseblaettern

The extract can have a soothing and antibacterial effect and can prevent skin irritations in sensitive skin. The polyphenols it contains have an antiviral effect. 

Organic lemon balm in our products

In our SOS Help lip balm, organic lemon balm extract is an important part of the carefully balanced recipe, and can provide effective instant relief for cracked and irritated lips.

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