Spitze eines intensiv rot leuchtenden Lippenstifts mit Farbabrieb auf weißem Untergrund

Classic Red Lips

Glamorous red lips and a shimmering complexion – what more do you need?! This classic look is just as timeless as a little black dress. Whether you're in the office, at a party or enjoying a glass of wine on the terrace with friends, this look fits in just as perfectly as the necklace you've chosen for the occasion. Find our step-by-step instructions to get the classic red lip look here. 


Junge Frau mit gewellten langen Haaren und intensiv rot geschminkten Lippen
nahaufnahme von beigefarbenem zerbroeselter pudermasse

Foundation: for the optimum base, apply Hyaluron Liquid Foundation to your face and décolleté and blend well at the edges and in all creases. Containing skin-friendly ingredients, this foundation will give you a glowing complexion and make your skin feel great, without looking like a mask. 

Contour: to define your facial features, the best choice is our Solid Sun Bronzer -Desert Sun 01-. Apply under your cheekbones, along your temples and along the sides of your nose, starting at the bridge and working towards the tip. Blend the powder in well so that there are no visible stripes. This will make the areas where you have applied the Solid Sun Bronzer look less harsh, and narrower.

Freshness: freshness is achieved in the classic red lip look with a touch of Velvet Blush Powder Pink Orchid 02. Apply the blusher to your cheeks and blend in well with a powder brush. Ensure that you do not use too much blusher, applying gradually until you get the desired intensity. Adding is always easier than removing! Our powder blusher with its light-reflecting pigments will give your face a natural shine.


Nahaufnahme Frauengesicht mit blauen dezent geschminkten Augen

Expression: in this look your eye make-up is nice and subtle. Using Soft Eyeliner – Black 01, accentuate the top lash line by drawing a fine, delicate line right next to and between the lashes. This will make your eyelashes look thicker and will give your eyes a more intense expression.

Brows: for great brushed-up brows, first comb them upwards with Eyebrow Styling Gel –Transparent. Then fix them in place with our Styling Gel.

Definition: finally, apply Lash to Impress Mascara to your lashes to emphasise their natural shape.


Intensiv rot geschminkte Lippen in Nahaufnahme

Contour: sensual red lips with a matte finish are the highlight of the classic lip look. Trace the outline of your lips with our Soft Lipliner – Red 03.

Colour: for a captivating effect, finally apply the Velvet Matt Lipstick -Vivid Red 04-. Its practical shape is ideal for filling out your lips with intense colour. We make our own organic blend of rose, mallow and lime petals to create a natural, creamy butter that gently caresses the tender skin of your lips.

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