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This blog is full of makeup tips, trends, and info concerning our all-natural, gluten-free, and cruelty-free Lavera and Benecos brands from Germany.

Make the Switch to Safe, Natural Beauty

Posted on in Thoughts on Makeup

October is Cancer Awareness Month. It reminds us about the importance of living healthy and renewing our commitment both personally and in business to avoid the carcinogens and other toxic ingredients in our day-to-day lives and in the products we sell. While we may not be able to avoid cancer, we can reduce the risk by paying attention to what we eat AND what we put on our skin

To BB or Not to BB - That is the Question!

Posted on in Thoughts on Makeup

Lavera has now introduced their amazing new CC Cream, and we are excited to introduce it to you!

From the runways in Milan to your favorite neighborhood coffeehouse, Fall 2015 is all about seeing fresh looking skin. One of the best ways to achieve this look (besides drinking lots of water, getting plenty of sleep, and all that good stuff!) is by using BB and CC creams.

Makeup During and After Chemotherapy

Posted on in Thoughts on Makeup

Cancer is always a very difficult thing to go through. With harsh treatments, serious surgeries, and the hope that keeps you fighting, you deserve a little something to make you feel at your best! Lavera offers a whole line formulated for those with sensitive skin. Liz, from Organic Beauty Source speaks about her mother's journey and the products that let her feel like the beautiful woman she is!

Lavera Soft Eye Liner

Posted on in Thoughts on Makeup

The Lavera Soft Eyeliner is a an all natural formula, perfect for those with contacts, sensitive eyes, or just searching for the perfect all natural eye liner. The creamy texture allows for a long lasting, smooth and even application. Lavera Soft Eye Liner won Best Natural Eyeliner in the 2012 Best In Green, Organic Beauty Talk Awards!

Organic Beauty Talk Top 8 Natural Mascaras

Posted on in Thoughts on Makeup

Good Housekeeping awarded the Lavera Volume Mascara, Best of The Naturals 2012!

OUR MISSION: Natural mascaras are notorious for their so-so performance (flaking and smudging) and steep price tags. So GHRI set out to find the best of the bunch on store shelves — for $20 or less.

HOW WE SCREENED: Our scientists first performed a lengthy evaluation of the ingredients in mascaras claiming to be natural. Any containing triethanolamine (an emulsifier), added parabens, or synthetic dyes, waxes, or fragrances were eliminated.

THE WINNER: In a close race, Lavera Volume Mascara ($20, lavera.com) came in first. It oomphed up lashes without flaking, smudging, or eye irritation, reported testers. "It was easy to apply and didn't clump on the brush," said one.

Luscious Holiday Lashes

Posted on in Thoughts on Makeup

Lavera offers a variety of mascaras each providing different and gorgeous effects to your lashes. These mascaras are formulated with new, all natural ingredients such as Argan Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, and Shea Butter.

Lavera Keeps You Glowing Beyond Summer

Posted on in Thoughts on Makeup

Days at the beach, summer vacations, and time spent with family may be memories.  But summertime skin is still a reality.

Fresh, glowing, bronzed skin is possible any time of year with Lavera Self Tanners.  Pure natural ingredients impart sun-kissed color with no nasty ingredients.  Sugar actives and vegetable-derived DHA (Dihydroxyactone) react with the skin’s amino acids resulting in a natural looking tan.  The safe alternative to chemical tanners.

Eczema, or dermatitis (skin inflammation), is a non-contagious skin condition that affects many adults and children. The inflammatory skin condition can appear on any part of the body but is typically found on the face, hands, legs, and in skin folds. Eczema usually presents itself as dry, red patches of skin that can also be itchy or painful. Left untreated this persistent condition can worsen over time leading to cracked or blistered skin.

Eczema is usually brought on by exposure to certain irritants; dry air, chemical ingredients, heat, stress, food allergy, or infection. Other than the change of season, getting to the root of a skin irritation or allergy can be difficult.

Summer Facial Essentials

Posted on in Thoughts on Makeup

Summer is fun, this much is true. But a few months of sun, surf and chlorine can really take their toll on your complexion. If your natural radiance has gone from glowing to gone — read on for tips on reclaiming your spark.

FACES Calendula Exfoliating Wash

Swimming and sun exposure dry out the skin. Dry, dead skin cells sitting on the surface cause skin to look dull. One quick and easy way to achieve a fresh, healthy complexion is to get rid of that flaky skin. FACES Calendula Exfoliating Wash contains finely ground olive grains to gently slough away dry skin and reveal a healthy complexion. Use one to two times per week to maintain bright skin.

All 14 Lavera Trend Sensitiv Lipstick shades rated "very good" by OEKO-TEST

In August 2009, ÖEKO-TEST gave many lipstick manufacturers the "red card". OEKO-TEST purchased one cream lipstick of each shade from 21 different brands in order to cover all shades sold in department and drugstores. (p.73 OEKO-TEST magazine). A total of 306 shades were analyzed in a laboratory to find out whether they contained either problematic or possibly hazardous ingredients. The range tested also included products from organic food stores...

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