Eczema, or dermatitis (skin inflammation), is a non-contagious skin condition that affects many adults and children. The inflammatory skin condition can appear on any part of the body but is typically found on the face, hands, legs, and in skin folds. Eczema usually presents itself as dry, red patches of skin that can also be itchy or painful. Left untreated this persistent condition can worsen over time leading to cracked or blistered skin.

Eczema is usually brought on by exposure to certain irritants; dry air, chemical ingredients, heat, stress, food allergy, or infection. Other than the change of season, getting to the root of a skin irritation or allergy can be difficult. If you have highly sensitive or allergic skin it is best to avoid chemical skincare and household cleansers, and products that are heavily scented.

Taking a close look at your diet can be very beneficial in discovering the underlying cause of eczema. Have you experienced dairy or wheat intolerance earlier in life, even as a child? Some become sensitive to nuts, or maybe it is the vast array of processed foods lining our grocery shelves. Keep a journal and record when your condition seems to be at its worst. This may seem like finding a needle in a haystack at first, but can help you to locate the culprit and avoid it in the future.

When we think eczema, we think skin, and rightly so as this is where it appears. But don’t overlook hair care as eczema triggers. Chemical ingredients in shampoos, conditioners and styling products can exacerbate the problem.

Most over-the-counter and doctor prescribed eczema medications contain petrochemicals which congest the skin and can actually trigger flare-ups. These creams and ointments may seem to help at first, but eczema will almost certainly return after a few days use.

When treating allergic skin it is important to use very mild and moisturizing skincare products. Lavera’s esthetician has designed a Daily Essentials Kit for Eczema & Dermatitis containing products from our Neutral line. Lavera Neutral products are fragrance-free and created especially for those with highly reactive skin.


Daily Essentials Kit for Eczema & Dermatitis

  • Neutral Cleansing Gel – Use morning and night before applying moisturizer. Be sure to use warm water when cleansing, as hot water can aggravate skin.
  • Neutral Face Fluid – Apply to clean skin morning and night. Rich essential fatty acids are very beneficial in healing eczema, calming the skin and improving elasticity.
  • Neutral Face Cream – Apply to dry or irritated areas to soothe and control eczema. May also be used on dry areas on the body.

Following these tips and using the Daily Essentials Kit for Eczema & Dermatitis will produce smooth, hydrated, and healthy skin.