Summer is fun, this much is true. But a few months of sun, surf and chlorine can really take their toll on your complexion. If your natural radiance has gone from glowing to gone — read on for tips on reclaiming your spark.

FACES Calendula Exfoliating Wash

Swimming and sun exposure dry out the skin. Dry, dead skin cells sitting on the surface cause skin to look dull. One quick and easy way to achieve a fresh, healthy complexion is to get rid of that flaky skin. FACES Calendula Exfoliating Wash contains finely ground olive grains to gently slough away dry skin and reveal a healthy complexion. Use one to two times per week to maintain bright skin.

Anti Aging Facial SunscreenSun protection is key in keeping skin healthy and youthful, but don't you wish it would moisturize and rejuvenate while it protects? Lavera Anti-aging Facial Sunscreen SPF15 UVA has you covered. This 2-in-1 sunscreen plus moisturizer couples the most effective mineral sunscreen with anti-aging ingredients; like caffeine, Hyaluronic acid, and organic plant oils. This delicate yet hard-working sunscreen delivers maximum protection from both UVA and UVB rays and is gentle enough for facial skin. This product is a must for summer.

FACES Aloe Vera Night (Protection) CreamProper hydration for skin is just as important in summer months as in the dead of winter. Sure, once warmer weather arrives our skin seems to bounce back from the dry air and cold winds of winter. But you have probably noticed how it doesn't take long for sun and summer fun to dry skin out again. FACES Aloe Vera Night (Protection) Cream protects and restores parched skin with Organic Evening Primrose, Avocado and Almond oils for maximum hydration. A healthy dose of Aloe soothes and cools. Don't forget this super important step for happy skin.

Now that we have laid out your Summer Facial Essentials, let's not forget a couple of other summer-time necessities. Plenty of water and a healthy diet of fresh organic fruits, veg, and whole grains are fundamental in keeping your skin and body functioning properly.

These simple steps will have you plumped, primed and glowing. Now get out there and enjoy!