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Celebrities and Lavera

Debra Messing

Actress Debra Messing

Redhead Debra Messing with her trademark voluminous hair is a familiar face as half of TV's odd couple, Will & Grace. Debra favors Lavera's chemical-free moisturizers by Laveré (Hydro Sensation, and Repair Absolute Cream). She discovered our organic brand while she was pregnant.

Tim Daly

Actor Tim Daly

Tim was nominated for Best Guest Actor Emmy for his role in the Sopranos. He's a big fan of organic natural skin care: "I use all organic, whatever Lavera offers."

Tim uses our Men Care Shower Shampoo and 2-In-1 Facial Sunscreen and Moisturizer SPF 20.

Jerry Hall

International Model & Actress Jerry Hall

"I love the smell of Laveré and all the products go onto my skin smoothly which I like. My favorite Laveré product is the Body Control Anti-Cellulite Lotion – I love its silky smooth feel and it absorbs really well. Also – it really works! Laveré products have become a favorite in my bathroom!"

Justin Chong

Actor Justin Chon

Justin plays Yong Kim in the upcoming Harrison Ford movie "Crossing Over". We met him just before the 2007 Emmy's where he told us: "Yes, I love organic products and especially like your sun screens."

Justin and his girlfriend are shown here with the Lavera Men Care Shaving Cream and 2-In-1 Facial Sunscreen and Moisturizer SPF 20.

Sam Jaeger

Actor Sam Jaeger

According to wife Amber: "We love organic products. In the past, I got reactions on my eyes from synthetic eye makeup, so I love to use Lavera instead!"

Sam starred in the movie "Catch and Release" and has made appearances in CSI and numerous tv shows.

Sam & Amber are shown here with our 2-In-1 Facial Sunscreen and Moisturizer SPF 20.

Mitzi Kapture

Actress Mitzi Kapture

Mitzi Kapture, star in Baywatch, Silk Stalkings and Young & the Restless, absolutely loves Laveré, so much so she called us to say "I've already gotten compliments about my skin glowing after using the anti-aging".

Mitzi uses our Hydro Sensation Energy Cream and the Lifting Serum, which she is holding in the picture.

Kim Morgan Greene

Actress Kim Morgan Greene

There's no question about it with Kim: "I love this line!" This veteran actress who's appeared in everything from Baywatch to Grey's Anatomy is a big fan and uses our Laveré Active Cleanser and Hydro Sensation.

This beautiful lady is shown here modelling our Trend Make-up Fluid #2 light.

Jessica Collins

Actresses Jessica Collins and Amy Sloan

These two young actresses are already well known names in Hollywood. Amy has the movie "The Heartbreak Kid" to her credit and has starred in Gilmore Girls and Big Shots. Jessica stars with Amy in Big Shots and has appeared in a wide variety of shows from CSI to Dawson's Creek to Star Trek Voyager.

For this hip hollywood duo, Lavera's lipgloss is the best! According to Jessica: "I love the lipgloss, it smells nice!". Amy is showing off our Berry Lipgloss #3 and Jessica has our Clear Lipgloss #4.

Kenny Johnson

Actor Kenny Johnson

Kenny is quite the accomplished actor, with major roles in the Shield, Saving Grace and Cold Case. And he is sincerely interested in organic skin care. "Would love to use more organic products, so I want to try Lavera".

He's trying out our Laveré Hydro Sensation Energy Cream, which we know will keep him looking handsome and healthy for years to come!

Dania Ramirez

Actress Dania Ramirez

This stunning beauty has starred in Heroes, The Sopranos and X-Men and we ran into her at the 2007 Emmy's. "I'd love to start using organic products" she told us, while checking out our Laveré products. Our Laveré Anti-Aging line will help keep Dania's skin beautiful and healthy long into the future!

Dwayne Adway

Actor Dwayne Adway

With major movie credits which include "Into the Blue", "First Daughter" and "Soul Plane", Dwayne is making quite a name for himself. Our product specialist Karissa Clevenger caught up with him in LA checking out our Men Care products.

He is seen here with our Men Care Shaving Cream.

Yasmin Hanani

Actress Yasmine Hanani

Yasmine, who appears in the 2007 Jamie Foxx movie "The Kingdom", loves our Laveré Hydro Sensation Energy Cream. "It smells nice and I like the light feel of it on my skin."

Suzy Amis

Actress Suzy Amis

Santa Monica's Beauty Expert Caitlin introduced actress Suzy Amis (known from movies such as "Twister" and "Titanic") to the Lavera line. James Cameron's wife is dedicated to using natural skin care and is amazed with Lavera products.

Lady Isabella Hervey

International Model & Actress
Lady Isabella Hervey

"My skin is constantly stressed due to the amount of traveling I do. I can only use pure, natural products and Laveré is my favorite range. Their Ultimate Eye Cream is a God-send and I also love the 3 in 1 Active Cleanser as it removes my make-up and tones my skin."

Kirsty Gallacher

TV Presenter Kirsty Gallacher

"Lavera is the only organic product range I use. I love their products – especially the Trend make-up, hair products and body lotions. I have normal to dry skin and find that Lavera products leave my skin hydrated and glowing. My favorite product is the Basis Sensitiv Protection Body Lotion – I particularly love its richness and delicious fragrance. It works perfectly!"