basis sensitiv: Natural moisturising care for every day

For healthy skin, moisture and an intact barrier layer are indispensable.
From the age of 20, the skin loses moisture so that the first fine lines become visible – with the right moisture balance, the skin is well cared for, is not tense and appears fresher.
lavera Naturkosmetik has developed a nourishing formula that provides intensive moisture to the skin with an exclusive active ingredient composition based on organic aloe vera, protecting the skin against drying out.


In our basis sensitiv series, we offer two moisturising creams: The basis sensitiv moisturising cream with its special and new composition of light oils provides normal and combination skin with intensive moisture and sufficient care without lying on too much.

The formula of the basis sensitiv Rich Moisturising Cream with shea butter and special oils, tailored to the needs of dry and sensitive skin, cares for the skin and protects it from drying all day long.

A pleasant and smooth skin feeling all day long!

The moisturising cream is also perfectly suited as a make-up base.


For rested skin the next morning: basis sensitiv Rich Night Cream. The skin-smoothing, rich cream provides the skin with the necessary moisture, leaving it feeling supple and soft.

If the skin needs a small care boost, the night cream can also be used as a mask: Apply evenly and generously to cleansed skin and leave on up to 15 minutes. Massage in or remove with a soft cloth.


More selection also for daily cleansing: lavera has a two products for the daily routine in the evening.

The refreshing basis sensitiv cleansing gel is especially gentle and thorough in removing dirt particles and make-up from the skin. The skin-pampering formula of the gentle, light foam refreshes the skin, cleanses gently without drying out and thus provides a noticeably revitalised skin feeling. Our cleansing gel is suitable for normal and combination skin.

The gentle texture of basis sensitiv cleansing milk is particularly mild and nourishing for dry and sensitive skin. It gently removes make-up and eye make-up, thereby preserving the skin's natural moisture balance. The formula contains selected oils providing a high cleansing effectiveness and at the same time giving the skin a soft and well-cultivated feeling.

Key ingredient: Organic aloe vera – the medicinal plant from nature

Aloe vera is one of the oldest medicinal plants in the world and has become an indispensable part of beauty and body care.
An aloe vera leaf consists of three parts: the leaf rind, the leaf juice and the leaf pulp, from which the gel with its moisturising properties is extracted. This gel nourishes and supports the skin with the contained vitamins, enzymes and amino acids it contains. The antibacterial effect of aloe vera thus helps stressed and irritated skin to regenerate more quickly. By the way: The aloe plant is also known as the desert lily. What a suitable name for this beautiful and beneficial plant.

Care routine

All good things come in threes: With the simple three-step routine and the new basis sensitiv products, the skin obtains exactly what it needs – moisture and care!



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