The skin is the largest and most sensitive organ in the human body. Every type of skin has different needs and characteristics. Normal skin, (very) dry skin or mature skin: They all have their own requirements when it comes to care. The broad range of lavera body care products includes wonderfully lightweight body lotions as well as rich body creams with lipid-replenishing properties that give your skin an extra dose of care. And we all have different needs in terms of body cleansers, as well: some people are looking for refreshing, healing fragrances that pamper their senses, while others enjoy nourishing shower creams.

No matter your preferences: dive into the world of lavera body care and discover the diversity of our product range! 

What’s your skin type?

The difference between body cream and body lotion

Everyday life often means pure stress for our skin: Showering and bathing, as well as cold, heat and dry heating air can remove moisture from our skin and irritate it. The result: dry, sensitive skin. Regularly putting on a nourishing lavera body cream or lavera body lotion helps your skin to recover. lavera Naturkosmetik offers the perfect product for your skin type. 

Body lotion or body cream? Which is the most suitable?

The main difference between both care products has to do with the water-lipid content. lavera body creams consist of a rich emulsion with a high lipid content. The rich lavera body creams care for dry skin with precious organic oils. Body creams nourish skin for longer than a body lotion.

lavera body lotions have a high water content, providing a large amount of moisture. Especially in the summer, the lotions cool your skin through the evaporation of water contained in the lotion. The body lotions have a pleasant cooling effect, especially after sunbathing. The lavera body lotions nourish normal to dry skin with a high amount of precious moisture, providing for caressable skin.

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