Healthy, normal skin is in a state of equilibrium. Redness, blemishes and dry patches rarely occur. But even normal skin needs the right care in order to maintain its natural balance. When it comes to body care for normal skin, the focus is on maintaining the skin's natural moisture content.

What are the characteristics of normal skin?

  • Fine pores and a smooth complexion
  • Generally tolerates cosmetics well; not prone to redness or spots
  • Balanced sebum production; the natural equilibrium of lipids and moisture is intact
  • Heat, cold and sun do not cause problems, and normal skin does not dry out in winter
  • Feels soft and smooth to the touch

Refreshing body lotion with organic citrus & organic verbena is brisk and revitalising to your skin and senses and provides long-lasting moisture. For a regenerated complexion, try the invigorating body lotion with organic orange & organic sea buckthorn. This lightweight emulsion is quickly absorbed by the skin and has a smoothing effect. Limu moui seaweed is rich in vitamins and minerals, and in combination with an organic mineral complex consisting of algae, bamboo & horsetail plant, it delivers gentle, refreshing skin care.


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