Back in the early 1990s, lavera had already developed its mild basis sensitiv Deodorant Roll-On.

With natural ingredients such as organic witch hazel and organic aloe vera, this roll-on deodorant provides 24 hours of protection to leave you feeling fresh, clean and confident all day long.

The primary active ingredient, organic calendula extract, helps to restore the skin's equilibrium, promote healing and soothe the skin.

The right product for every personal care need

Feel clean and confident all day long with the aluminium salt-free natural care formula in the 6 lavera Deodorant Roll-Ons and 4 Deodorant Sprays. Our broad product range offers the perfect product for every personal care need: from flowery or citrus fragrances to distinctive masculine scents. For fans of deodorant sprays, lavera offers its basis sensitiv 24h Deodorant Spray with organic witch hazel and organic rose essence, as well as deodorant sprays with the fragrances Orange Feeling, Rose Garden and Lime Sensation. lavera Neutral Deodorant Roll-On protects and nourishes sensitive, allergy-prone skin. Our Men's Care line also includes a Deodorant Roll-On to keep your skin feeling fresh and give you confidence throughout the day. 

Effective natural formula

It's possible to get 24-hour deodorant protection from 100 per cent natural ingredients. Back in 1990, lavera had already developed a deodorant formula that was free from aluminium salts. Without aluminium salts (ACH), chemical preservatives or fragrances, lavera deodorants are particularly mild and gentle on the skin. The natural ingredients in our deodorants are particularly nourishing for distressed or sensitive skin. lavera deodorants provide reliable protection with their mild formula and leave you feeling comfortable and secure all day long. The organic ingredients soothe and disinfect the skin.

Natural protection – without aluminium salts (ACH)

We absorb aluminium every day without realising it: from our food, the environment, the objects we use every day (like our tea kettles) – and from conventional cosmetics products. The cosmetics industry frequently uses aluminium in antiperspirants because of its sweat-inhibiting properties. The aluminium salts in deodorants close the pores of the skin in the underarm area, which prevents perspiration from forming.

How do natural deodorants work?

Our bodies have a natural method of eliminating toxins: through our sweat. Natural deodorants contain only natural ingredients that have no negative impact on our bodies or our health. The formation of perspiration is not blocked; the natural formula only limits the development of odour. Undesirable odours arise when bacteria begin to break down the sweat. Consequently, natural deodorants include organic ingredients with antiseptic, soothing properties – such as witch hazel extract or calendula extract – that nourish and cool the skin, which can be especially pleasant after shaving.

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