LAVERA FACIAL CARE  for dry, allergy-prone skin

Medicinal skin care with no artificial colours or preservatives

To create a product line that can cleanse and nourish sensitive, allergy- and dermatitis-prone skin without irritating it further, our lavera Neutral series relies on a formula free of aromas, colours or synthetic preservatives. High-grade ingredients such as organic primrose and organic jojoba help to nourish, protect and calm your skin.

The objective is to prevent the skin from drying out further, to provide it with intensive nourishment and to actively support its regeneration process. To this end we’ve created a blend of organic olive oil, organic beeswax, triglycerides, organic shea butter and organic primrose oil. Organic jojoba oil and glycerin provide moisture, whilst vitamins E and C give your skin an extra layer of protection.

lavera Neutral Serie

Characteristics of dry, allergy-prone skin at a glance:

  • The difference between dry and very dry skin
  • Whilst dry skin tends to dryness in the cheek and eye areas, very dry skin suffers from underproduction of sebum from the sebaceous glands.
  • In these cases, the sebaceous glands only operate to a very limited extent. As a result, the skin’s natural protective barrier is no longer intact; the skin loses moisture and is more susceptible to external influences. It feels tight, rough, and can even crack.
  • The following factors can lead to dry skin: genetic predisposition, advancing age, being underweight, air from heating systems, air conditioning systems, humidity.

Characteristics of dry, allergy-prone skin at a glance:

  • Symptoms such as dry, itchy skin, rashes or hives can be caused by food sensitivities, dust mites or animal hair
  • Very dry
  • Delicate and sensitive
  • Allergic reactions
  • Severe immune reactions
  • Allergic skin reactions
  • Your body’s immune response may be accompanied by itching, inflammation or blistering. And once you start scratching, your skin just becomes more irritated; bacteria and other microbes don’t help the situation, either. Your skin will start to flake, have cracked areas, and the eczema will take a long time to disappear.
Plant-based active ingredients
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