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LAVERA FACIAL CARE                    for all skin types

Regardless of your skin type, there are some care requirements that everyone has – that includes optimum hydration and daily protection, as well as special daily care for the tender skin around the eyes.

Our skin is exposed to harmful environmental influences on a daily basis: they attack our skin cells and impede their natural protective mechanisms. Skin also changes due to its natural ageing process, so it’s essential to keep updating your skin care regimen.

Natural care for all skin types

IInnovative active ingredient complexes containing selected organic ingredients form the basis for lavera’s effective facial care. The unique formula of each of our products ensures that all skin care requirements are met. They are developed based on the most cutting-edge research, and are NATRUE-certified. Discover a naturally beautiful skin care with lavera!

We sleep for about 24 years and 4 months of our entire lives. While we are asleep, our skin cells work at full blast to repair the damage sustained throughout the day. Effective night care provides optimal support for this, as our skin is especially receptive to its active ingredients at night.

Re-Energizing Sleeping Cream

Our lavera Re-Energizing Sleeping Cream provides energy over night. This innovative Sleeping Cream revitalises your complexion over night and makes for fresh, rested and radiant skin in the morning.

  • 5in1 Over-Night Effect
  • Revitalises complexion
  • Combats signs of fatigue
  • Provides intense hydration
  • Smoothens complexion

The Re-Energizing Sleeping Cream is vegan, NATRUE-certified and contains organic herbal ingredients manufactured in-house.

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The skin under our eyes is particularly delicate: as there is no cushioning layer of lipids beneath our eyes, the dark blood vessels shine through the thin layer of skin. And, as we age, our skin density in general decreases, deepening the shadows under our eyes with time.

Illuminating Eye Cream

The lavera Illuminating Eye Cream with pearl extract and light-reflecting pigments brings out the natural beauty of your eyes.

The mother-of-pearl-coloured formula conceals blueish shadows and brightens up your eye area. High-grade anti-ageing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and organic caffeine smoothen your complexion and make for radiant skin.

  • Instantaneous effect against fatigue, dark circles and wrinkles
  • LAVERÉ Complex: Triple hydration for a youthful complexion
  • Pearl extract: moisturises, improves complexion and gives it radiance
  • Organic caffeine: smooths and firms skin




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Recent years have seen a dramatic rise in the impact of environmental pollution on our health. Our skin is in immediate contact with our environment, making it the part of us most exposed to harmful substances found in air or water. they attack our skin cells and impede their natural protective mechanisms. Air pollution accelerates skin ageing by 10%.

Hydro Effect Serum with Anti-Pollution Complex

With the new Hydro Effect Serum with Anti-Pollution Complex, lavera Naturkosmetik has developed the world’s first NATRUE-certified natural facial care product which protects skin from negative environmental influences like particulate matter and exhaust fumes. This protection lasts all day and creates a complexion with a youthful glow. The highly concentrated but very light texture of the serum is absorbed quickly by the skin, and provides it with noticeable smoothness.

It makes for ideally prepped skin as a first step before individual care regimes for all skin types. Thanks to its vegan formulation with natural hyaluronic acid, organic aloe vera and moisturising organic saccharides, the skin’s moisture deposits are replenished and loss of moisture is lessened.



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