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LAVERA FACIAL CARE for mature skin after age 45

Discover Regenerating Care from lavera! As we age, our sebaceous glands tend to produce less oil and our skin dries out. The Regenerating Care range from lavera delivers deep moisturising and pampers mature skin with nourishing ingredients like organic cranberry and argan oil.

Characteristics of mature skin at a glance:

  • Loss of elasticity and firmness
  • Decreasing skin density
  • Breakdown of connective tissue
  • Slower cell regeneration process
  • Increasing dryness
  • Formation of wrinkles and age spots



After the age of 45, mature skin begins to lose its ability to store moisture, and the cell regeneration process starts slowing down. The first age spots can begin to appear, and the skin increasingly loses elasticity. lavera Regenerating Anti-Ageing Cream with precious organic argan oil, organic cranberry and natural phyto-collagen provides mature skin with rich, moisturising care, reduces wrinkles and visibly smooths your complexion. The Regenerating Facial Oil provides highly nourishing care for mature skin.

This complexion-beautifying, intensely moisturising product contains high-quality anti-ageing oils such as organic argan oil, almond oil and apricot oil, minimises wrinkles, and lends you a revitalised, visibly smoother complexion.

Tip: Mix a drop of the Facial Oil with your lavera Rich Moisturising Day Cream.


Facial massage with lavera Regenerating Night Cream

Top up your energy in no time at all: Targeted massage techniques help stimulate blood flow in your facial skin, firm facial contours and loosen facial features. Applied regularly, these techniques mobilise the skin’s own regeneration process. Massage in small spiral movements, starting in the middle of your forehead and moving out towards your temples. Repeat this movement two more times while applying light pressure by positioning your fingers back in the middle of your forehead. Close your eyes. Press your middle or ring finger to the deepest point of your inner eye corners for three seconds. Circle your eyes twice with light tapping motions. Press your temples three times, five seconds at a time. Position your right middle and ring fingers at the point between the bridge of your nose and eyebrows, and glide them down the left side towards the tip of your nose. Repeat this five times, then switch sides and massage the right side of your nose with your left middle and ring fingers. Repeat this five times as well.

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