LAVERA FACIAL CARE for normal skin

Normal skin is skin that is essentially ideal in all its properties. Your skin’s natural barriers are completely balanced.

Characteristics of normal skin at a glance:

  • Smooth, with fine pores
  • Rosy without visible capillaries
  • Supple
  • No hyperpigmentation
  • No blemishes

If you have normal skin, you’re very lucky – you have fine pores, your skin is smooth and has no blemishes. In essence, your skin’s protective barriers are very balanced. To keep this up, your skin requires light moisturising. Our basis sensitiv products are especially well-suited to maintaining a healthy appearance and an even complexion.

Gesichtspflege-Produkte Moodbild normale Haut

For normal skin to remain as fine and rosy as it is, daily cleansing is indispensable. Especially if you’ve been wearing make-up as this can clog your pores, preventing your skin from breathing and causing blemishes.

We therefore recommend a simple daily skin care routine, involving washing your face with our basis sensitiv Cleansing Gel or basis sensitiv Cleansing Milk in the mornings and evenings, thus removing sebum and impurities. Using our Gentle Facial Toner as part of this process cleanses your pores and gets rid of all other traces of dirt.

The high-grade organic ingredients of our cleansing and care products, as well as their high moisture content, provide your skin with ideal care and maintain its natural beauty.

Beauty tip: Treat yourself to a deep cleanse 1–2 times a week using our Purifying Scrub with jojoba pearls (contains no microbeads). This will help keep your complexion rosy and fresh.

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