Volume AND softness? With lavera®, it’s possible.

New lavera hair care: Delicious scents, foamy, and above all, effective products


Healthy, shiny hair has always been an essential aspect of beauty and attractiveness. It highlights your natural radiance and boosts your confidence. Beautiful hair is often more than just a wonder of nature; it's the result of proper care. Gentle, mild cleansing and deep conditioning are the foundation of our daily hair care ritual.

Are you looking for fantastic shine, strong hair or amazing volume? No problem! lavera offers customised hair care solutions precisely suited to every hair type, such as colour-treated, damaged or fine hair. The protein-rich plant complex developed in-house by lavera strengthens and nourishes your hair, leaving it silky, shiny and easy to comb. The specialised hair care products are rounded off by unique combinations of high-quality organic ingredients. Because we love nature: our products contain mild surfactants that are safe for your hair and our environment.

New Natural Hair Care from lavera Naturkosmetik
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