Every day, our hands do lots of hard work, and we don't even notice. No part of our skin is under as much stress as our hands – and they may be the part we neglect the most. For example, every time after we wash our hands, our skin needs up to two hours to completely restore its natural protective barrier. In that sense, our hands are much more resilient than other parts of our skin. We recommend rewarding your hands with a little pampering every now and again! Because extra care and protection isn't just something your hands need in winter.

Silky soft hands with lavera hand creams 

lavera hand creams nourish both hands and nails (2in1 Hand and Nail Cream) or protect them from premature ageing (Anti-Ageing Hand Cream). They immediately relieve the feeling of skin tightness in distressed hands and provide intensive moisturising for extremely dry skin (SOS Hand Balm).  They are the ideal choice for providing gentle care for the whole family (basis sensitiv Hand Cream) or for extremely sensitive, eczema-prone skin (Neutral Hand Cream). Thanks to the nourishing organic oils they contain, lavera hand creams provide your hands with the moisture and complete protection they need to cope with the incredible stress they are subjected to every day.

  • Our care tip: Beauty sleep for distressed hands! Apply a heavy layer of lavera hand cream to your hands before going to bed, and put on a pair of lightweight cotton gloves. Whilst you gently drift off to sleep, your hands will quickly begin to regenerate and absorb the nutrients in the cream – for silky-smooth hands the next morning.


Blowing your nose, using the toilet, petting an animal or preparing raw meat: Your hands come into constant contact with germs and can transfer them to everything you subsequently touch. These germs can also pass from person to person when you shake hands or share items. If you touch your face, the pathogens can enter your body through the mucous membranes in your mouth, nose or eyes and cause an infection. 

Proper hand-washing & moisturising hand care

For this reason, frequent, careful and proper hand-washing is a must. Always thoroughly lather your hands to completely rid them of dirt and bacteria. Make sure you carefully lather your palms, the backs of your hands, your fingertips and the spaces between your fingers and to thoroughly clean your fingernails. 

  • Our care tip: Pamper your hands after every wash with nourishing lavera Hand Cream.
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