For men with sensitive skin

Every man knows this feeling: a wet shave can put a damper on your pleasant morning routine. We'll show you how to prevent redness, irritation and razor burn here. With the right tips and tricks, you can start the day with a fresh, gentle shave that leaves your skin feeling great.

Characteristics of men's skin:

  • Oilier than women's skin; thus blemish-prone
  • Men's skin is approximately 0.2 millimetres thicker than women's
  • A thick network of collagen fibres makes men's skin firmer and more resilient than women's
  • Men's skin should be cared for with moisturisers due to its higher production of oil


Men's skin is thicker and begins ageing later than women's, although it ages much faster at that point. It is also under significant strain as a result of daily shaving. Additionally, it contains more collagen than women's skin, making it capable of storing more moisture. Thanks to these moisture reserves, men's skin looks firmer and more supple than women's until around the age of 30.

Consequently, it is fundamental for men to use products specially developed for the needs of their skin, including the supply of extra moisture. lavera has offered men's grroming products for over 20 years and has always been a pioneer in this area, offering an Aftershave Balm that combines a moisturiser and the antiseptic properties of an aftershave. 


Step 1: Analysis of beard grain

It's easiest to see the growth grain of your beard when the hair is a bit longer. Take a close look at the hair and assess the angle at which it sticks out of your skin. This is the direction in which you should shave.

Step 2: Preparing to shave

To keep the hair of your beard soft and make it easier to shave without irritation, place a hot towel on the areas you want to shave. After a few minutes, the hair will be soft, and you can remove the towe.

Step 3: Hot blades shave better

Before shaving, apply lavera Men Sensitive Mild Shaving Foam to your face and neck. Hold your razor blade under hot water for a few moments to get an ideal shave. Start shaving the sides of your face below your sideburns, and work downward toward your neck step by step. Align the blade parallel to your sideburns and shave in short strokes with the grain of your beard. Make sure not to run the razor over the same area too many times. For a closer shave, it's best if your skin is taut. Pull it gently with your hands, or flex the muscles in your face.

Important tip: Rinse the blade with hot water several times during the process.

Extra tip: Immediately after shaving, rinse off any shaving foam residue with warm water. Gently and carefully pat the skin dry, then apply lavera Men Sensitive Soothing Aftershave Balm to soothe your distressed skin and prevent razor burn. This product combines moisturising care with the antiseptic properties of aftershave lotion.

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