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Here's a new addition to lavera's FIRMING LINE: The FIRMING 2-PHASE INTENSIVE TREATMENT ensures a lifting effect that is immediately visible.

On some days, your skin needs more care than usual: Environmental conditions and stress can dry out the skin and leave your complexion appearing both dull and fatigued. What's more, as people age, the collagen level of their skin decreases, by one percent each year. The result: Your skin becomes looser, changes its contours and develops fine lines.

Thanks to highly-concentrated ingredients, the ampoules provide an immediately visible freshness kick. The new FIRMING 2-PHASE INTENSIVE TREATMENT, with its innovative 2-phase formula, activates the collagen system of your skin: The highly effective formula has a skin-firming effect, promotes the reduction of fine lines and leaves the skin feeling smooth.

As a perfect complement, the treatment is best applied after cleansing your face or before using the Firming Serum and subsequent care products.


Use daily for one week or once per week for ongoing care by massaging the formula into your cleansed skin. Avoid the area around the eye.

Shake the ampoule.

Attach the enclosed ampoule opening device.

Break open the ampoule.

Empty the contents onto your hands.

Spread over your face, patting it on.

CAUTION! Never use the open ampoule directly in your face! There is a risk of injury!


The transparent oil phase contains natural, nourishing oils such as karanja, argan and peach seed oil, along with the oil-soluble element of the Green Lift Complex. There are three different hyaluronic acid formulas integrated into the water phase, intensively moisturising and naturally cushioning even the lower layers of your skin. In addition, the lower phase contains the water-soluble ingredients of the Green Lift Complex. By mixing both phases, the highly-concentrated Green Lift Complex is combined, unfolding its optimal firming effect.




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