As you get older, the collagen content of your skin decreases by one percent annually. As a result, your skin becomes flaccid, its contours change, and you get more wrinkles. The production of hyaluronic acid also slows down, so that skin cells are not able to bind as much water and the skin becomes drier.

Our new firming skincare range features triple-effect hyaluron, valuable karanja oil, and unique lavera Green Lift Complex.

Its innovative formulations have been specially adapted to the special needs of skin aged 35 and over.



FIRMING EYE CREAM with lavera Green Lift Complex stimulates the skin’s own collagen system. The highly effective formula with triple-effect hyaluron and valuable karanja oil gives you a fresh-looking expression, provides intensive moisture and reduces wrinkles.

The highly effective formula fills out the skin and reduces wrinkles. The silky formula absorbs quickly and provides moisture and comprehensive care. The result: tighter skin, a radiant complexion, and rejuvenated facial features.

Thanks to highly-concentrated ingredients, the ampoules provide an immediately visible freshness kick. The new FIRMING 2-PHASE INTENSIVE TREATMENT, with its innovative 2-phase formula, activates the collagen system of your skin: The highly effective formula has a skin-firming effect, promotes the reduction of fine lines and leaves the skin feeling smooth.

FIRMING SERUM with lavera Green Lift Complex has a particularly light texture that is absorbed immediately. It leaves behind a visibly revitalized complexion and forms an excellent basis for your further skincare routine.

To actively support the regeneration of the skin, also use FIRMING NIGHT CREAM with lavera Green Lift Complex before going to bed. See for yourself: The elasticity of your skin will improve and it will feel smoother.



Step 1

For best results, first thoroughly cleanse your face. For example, using the lavera BASIS SENSITIV 2IN1 CLEANSING MILK.

Step 2

After cleansing, apply the Firming 2-Phase Intensive Treatment and spread it onto your face.

Step 3

Then apply FIRMING SERUM with Green Lift Complex and massage it thoroughly into your skin.

Step 4

Then treat your skin with FIRMING DAY CREAM.

Alternatively, use the FIRMING NIGHT CREAM in the evening.

Step 5

Round off your care routine with FIRMING EYE CREAM.

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