To enable you to recognise the high quality of our products at a glance, they are all certified.

You will only find products that are manufactured in accordance with the strict guidelines for certified natural cosmetics (NATRUE). Furthermore, lavera uses the VEGAN, i.e., without animal ingredients, and the ORGANIC labels with regard to the high quality of the organic ingredients.

NATRUE explained!


The international organisation NATRUE has defined a quality standard for certified natural cosmetics, which is one of the most stringent in the world. We have been a member of NATRUE since its foundation in 2007. Since autumn 2014, lavera is 100% certified in accordance with the NATRUE standard.

NATRUE distinguishes between 13 product groups (toothpaste, body oil, etc) and defines the highest possible standard for each product group.

NATRUE categorises natural cosmetics into three levels: natural cosmetics, natural cosmetics with organic portion (greater than 70%) and organic cosmetics (greater than 95%).


This label indicates which products are vegan, i.e., contain no animal products, and has been awarded since 1945 by the Vegan Society in the UK. 

Here you will find the list of vegan products.

lavera has used this label since May 2004. Since then, around 95% of the lavera range is now vegan and registered with the Vegan Society. Lanolin and, to the greatest extent possible, beeswax have been phased out of the care formulas and replaced with herbal oils. Although vegan may not be synonymous with certified natural cosmetics, it shows the customer that a product only contains herbal ingredients.


Since the foundation of lavera Naturkosmetik, we have attached great importance to natural ingredients from controls organic cultivation.

You can recognise the quality of the ingredients from the lavera organic label, which has been found on our product world since 2009. 

For many lavera Naturkosmetik products, ingredients come from controlled organic cultivation, from Laverana's own production (organic plant ingredients, organic plant fluids, protein-rich organic plant complexes). Over 300 organic ingredients are used, and we produce more than 300 plant fluids or organic plant complexes ourselves.


  • No mineral oils – lavera relies on high-quality oils that actively support the skin's natural protective barrier and leave a thin protective film on the skin. Trans-epidermal water loss is reduced, the skin is nourished, the complexion is soft and smooth.
  • No silicone – With its innovate hair-care line, lavera offers a natural alternative to shampoos and care products containing silicone. The special active formula of the innovative lavera hair care is designed in such a way that the molecules attach themselves to the damaged surface of the hair and create a seal, leaving the hair feeling soft and silky.
  • Made in Germany – lavera Naturkosmetik products are manufactured in the Hanover region, in a closed value chain. Production is carried out preserving natural resources, with respect for human beings and nature.
  • Gluten-free – By eliminating gluten, the needs of sensitive skin and allergy sufferers are given special consideration. In our lip and hair-care products, in particular, we deliberately refrain from using ingredients containing gluten so that our customers with a gluten intolerance can safely use lavera products.
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