lavera Natural Cosmetics uses 100% natural ingredients to ensure that our products are as effective and gentle as possible. All lavera Colour Cosmetics products are 100% free from synthetic fragrances, dyes, and preservatives and do not contain silicon oils or paraffin-based ingredients. These and other quality standards are part of our 10-point quality guarantee, and are additionally guaranteed by the NATRUE label on our products.

Here, you can learn more about the top ingredients of our Colour Cosmetics products and their effects.

Organic flower butter

In addition to valuable organic oils and moisturisers, the refined formulations of our decorative cosmetic products contain an organic flower butter that we have developed ourselves, made from a special blend of oils and blossom extracts. This makes our natural make-up nourishing, without the skin becoming shiny or feeling stretched over the course of the day. The colour sits nicely on the skin, even without silicone oils – for beautiful-feeling skin!


The organic flower butter produced by Laverana itself contains organic cacao butter, organic shea butter, organic rose blossom extracts, lime blossoms and mallow.


The nourishing organic flower butter provides care for eyes, lips and the complexion with its valuable organic oils and extracts, and provides valuable moisture for the day.

Top ingredients
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