Make a Splash with lavera Colour Intense

Beautiful Lips Colour Intense: The Soft, Satiny Lipstick in 16 Shades

With the color palette of our Beautiful Lips Colour Intense lipsticks and Natural Matt’n Stay Lips, almost any lip look is possible! Thanks to pigments of the highest quality, the Beautiful Lips Colour Intense lipstick delivers breathtaking color and a soft, satiny finish. The texture will nurture and pamper your lips with an organic flower butter of rose, mallow and linden. You will not only look fresh, but feel fresh too!

Makeup Trend 2019: Coral Lips

Sensually warm coral colors are super popular this year, and give your skin a wonderful glow. The look brings out the sensual coral lips through glossy highlights on the cheeks and eyebrows. Find out more about the lavera trend look in our tutorial.

Pantone chose a shade of coral as its Color of the Year 2019. The warm “Living Coral” hue looks soft, revitalizing and creative – one more reason to choose the trendy coral shades from the Beautiful Lips Colour Intense range.


More Color for Every Day: lavera colour cosmetics

The Beautiful Lips Brilliant Care with Q10 complex is here for damaged lips. The lavera Soft Lipliners provide perfectly defined lips, which are naturally highlighted through the soft texture and given a precise finish.

A pleasant application is possible not only with the Soft Lipliner: for voluminous, shiny lips you can use our lavera Glossy Lips. The practical lip glosses ensure a breathtaking gloss effect with no unpleasant sticking, thanks to their special organic flower butter formula with mallow, rose and linden!

Discover all our colors and combinations in our range of decorative cosmetics.

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Coral Lips Tutorial – Learn How to Get that lavera colour cosmetics Look!

Liven up your everyday look or put on the entire coral lips ensemble. In just two simple steps you will obtain sensual coral lips which will transform your everyday makeup into a trendy statement look. Or reinvent yourself with an entirely new appearance for your makeup repertoire with the complete look.

Give yourself statement lips in coral shades with these two easy steps:

Step 1: Prime your lips with the Natural Matt’n Stay Lips with the Matt’n Peach 02 colour
Step 2: Go over your lips again with Beautiful Lips Colour Intense Coral Flamingo 37. This way you will obtain the best color effect and paint your lips in a sensual explosion of coral shades.

Do you want to replicate the complete look? Then watch our detailed coral lips makeup instructions.

Tutorials with lavera colour cosmetics

Apply our trend looks step by step!

The coral lips look is not the only one that can make you shine. Discover the gradient lips look and instantly conjure up stunning statement lips in shades of pink with the Natural Matt’n Stay Lips. Create graphical masterpieces on your eyelids with the graphic eyeliner look or apply a thrilling statement rouge with the draping look. For special occasions awaken the star within you and follow the instructions for the red carpet look.

Make a Splash with lavera colour cosmetics

Experience glamorous moments every day with lavera colour cosmetics. Liven up your everyday look or conjure up an individual makeup style with our products. From modest nude shades all the way to breathtakingly bright colors, our lavera colour cosmetics offer a broad range of color nuances and open up a new dimension of color palettes in natural cosmetics. 


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