the shimmering all-rounder for beautiful moments

With immediate effect against signs of fatigue

In stressful everyday routines, it's hard to find time for sufficient beauty sleep. But no matter how short the nights or how long the days are - now no one has to notice your fatigue! Because the Illuminating Eye Cream from lavera brings all natural radiance to your eye zone!

Just how does it work? It's very simple: The Illuminating Eye Cream beautifies the eye zone with pearl extract and light-reflecting pigments - from the instant you apply it. Thanks to the mother-of-pearl texture, the nourishing formula covers up not only bluish shadows under the eyes, a very special mineral ingredient (mica) makes the cream shimmer like mother of pearl, reflecting the light and masterfully hiding irregularities and tiny wrinkles.

These tips make your beauty shine, and not just around the eye zone

For a naturally perfected complexion

Mix the Illuminating Eye Cream with the day cream and spread it over the entire face! It gives your complexion a fresh shimmer and lends you a fresh and rested look!

Glossy Lips

For glossy lips, simply use the Illuminating Eye Cream for a different purpose and apply a dab as gloss on your lips! It looks incredibly natural!

Cheeks as eye catchers

To accentuate the cheeks and for an extra fresh appearance, apply the Illuminating Eye Cream selectively on the cheekbones!

Extra awake eyelash look

For an extra awake eyelash look, apply a small amount of the Illuminating Eye Cream under the eyebrow arch!

Healthy nutrition and natural care for a fresh look

Here's how it works:

Fresh foods without artificial additives not only taste good, they also work wonders. After all, a diet containing lots of fruit and vegetables, as well as foods rich in vitamins, nutrients and protein, such as legumes, oats or quinoa, gives you energy and allows you to get through the day fitter and healthier. The balanced diet in connection with exercise twice a week has an effect like a natural anti-ageing agent, which not only lends your skin a wonderful rosy complexion, your body will also thank you for it. Also be sure to drink sufficient liquids in the form of water or unsweetened tea. The recommendation depending upon body weight is 2 to 3 litres of water per day. This cushions the skin additionally with liquid and invigorates the mind.

Extra tip for a fresh complexion:

Dead skin cells make the skin appear dull and grey. You can combat this with the lavera 3in1 Cleansing Scrub. This helps to remove the grey veil from the skin, and at the same time it cleanses pore-deep and regulates, thus simultaneously helping to prevent undesirable greasy skin. 

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