lavera Dead Sea Salt

Dead Sea Salt


Countries of origin: Australia, Greece, Israel, Portugal The sea salt used in lavera Natural Cosmetics is naturally pure. Salt is not a herb but a mineral which is also used to refine food. Salt is obtained from salt marshes in the sea. As a result of the effects of the sun and wind blowing from certain directions, which must not be too strong, tiny salt crystals form on the surface of the basins. These crystals are then skimmed off by hand or by using light machinery.


Salt has a stimulating effect on the skin. It opens pores, activates the circulation and detoxes the skin. Salt also has an anti-bacterial and disinfectant effect - not only in food.. Due to its stimulating effect on the skin`s circulation, salt is used above all used in the Bath Sea Salts from lavera Body SPA*. The salt is mixed with a steam produced from shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E as well as extracts, hydrolates and essential oils of the respective fragrance. This leaves the salt light and grainy and allows it to develop its pleasant fragrance during bathing. Salt opens the pores, cleanses the skin and thus enables active ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin. On oily and impure skin salt has a disinfectant and anti-bacterial effect. It is therefore also contained in lavera Organic Mint products for oily and impure skin.

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