lavera organic aloe vera

organic aloe vera


The aloe vera plant, also known as the desert lily, stores in its fleshy leaves more than 300 precious nutrients for human beings. The oil derived from peeling the leaves is extremely oxidative and therefore must be processed further within just a few hours.Finest Aloe Vera oil is obtained by extraction in genetically unmodified soy oil. Because of its high vitamin, amino acid, mineral and salicylic acid content, aloe vera has a moisturizing, healing and soothing effect. The powder is most suitable for use in the natural formulas of natural-cosmetic products: the active ingredients are highly concentrated, the formulas remain stable even without synthetic preservatives.


  • contains essential building blocks for the human body
  • has a moisturizing, cooling and soothing effect
  • is rich in minerals, trace elements, vitamins and amino acids
  • provides the skin with energy and moisture
  • revitalises brittle hair and restores shine
  • good for dry, flaky scalps
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