lavera organic avocado oil

organic avocado oil


Countries of origin: South Africa, Mexico, Kenia Originally grown in Central America the avocado tree can now be found mainly in the Mediterranean, in the South of the US and in Southern African countries. Its rich oil is obtained by cold pressing the fruit flesh.

Avocado oil – like the oil from olives and the berries of the sea buckthorn plant – is a fruit pulp oil. It is extracted from the ripe fruits of the avocado tree, a laurel plant from the Lauraceae family. The avocado fruit contains up to 30% fat. Avocado oil is rich in phytosterols, phospholipids and fat-soluble vitamins A, E and D, and is made up of many healthy oleic and linoleic acids.



What effects do avocados have in natural-cosmetic products?

Avocado oil is easy to apply to the skin. It protects the skin, in particular its protective layer, against moisture loss, with its high content in lecithin, vitamin A, E, D and its 85% essential, unsaturated fatty acids. It helps the skin to maintain its natural balance.

What effects do avocado have in natural hair care products?

The fatty acids are able to penetrate deep into the hair, providing long-lasting shine. The oil lightly coats the surface of the hair, helping to make it smoother and easier to comb.

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