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Organic calendula


As the marigold flowers almost the whole summer long, it was given the Latin name Calendula, from ‘calendae’ (meaning the first day of the month). As early as the Middle Ages, its wound-healing properties were put to use. Originally it came from Southern Europe. Today, lavera sources this precious medicinal plant with its bright yellow and orange flowers from (Demeter-)certified integrated cultivation in Germany, more precisely from the Gladbacher Bergenland, south-west of Marburg. There, marigolds grow on stony, slaty ground in areas with the required 650 mm of annual rainfall.  Seeds are propagated by the supplier. Its precious ingredients are extracted by the so-called “maceration” process, in which flowers are marinated in olive oil and then exposed to the sun.


What effect does calendula have in natural cosmetics? Calendula oil soothes irritated and slightly inflamed skin. It has a wide range of applications as it also protects tender lip skin and keeps the sensitive skin of babies and the elderly healthy. Calendula oil has a balancing and anti-inflammatory effect and promotes wound healing. Calendula is particularly useful for sensitive skin which easily becomes inflamed as well as skin that is oily or prone to acne. Laverana produces its own calendula extract using organic alcohol. These extracts are used for blemished, reddened or dry skin and also have a balancing and anti-inflammatory effect.

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