lavera Organic castor oil

Organic castor oil


Our pressed castor oil is sourced from certified organic production in India. The oil is derived from seeds of the tropical castor bean. Since ancient times, castor oil has been passed down as a well-known and versatile remedy. Castor oil consists of 80.85% triglycerides, in which the proportion of fatty acids such as linoleic acid or oleic acid is very low. It is pale yellow, transparent, viscous and has only a faint odour. It cannot be distilled and is stable up to a temperature of 250 degrees. It thickens in air but does not harden in a thin film.


Owing to its properties, castor oil is an important consistency builder for natural cosmetics and allows for emulsifier-free recipes, ensuring that the complex formulations with their numerous ingredients rest lightly on the skin. The oil protects and soothes the skin without loading it with too much oil.

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