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Organic honey


Country of origin: Germany lavera Naturkosmetik sources honey for the pampering, gentle shower creams in its organic wellness care series from Germany, specifically from apiarist Ralf Berghane in North Rhine-Westphalia. This small Bioland apiary – a family business – provides exclusively self-harvested organic honey from the surrounding countryside. The care product range brought out in March 2014, with its new special formula and soft sweet honey fragrance, is marked with the new bee logo of German-produced organic honey.lavera supports the apiary business with a beehive of its own. 


For centuries, the coveted bee product has been regarded as a natural healer. The healing effects of organic honey are evident whether applied internally or externally. The main ingredients of honey are invert sugar, dextrin, protein, organic oils, enzyme, vitamin B2, carotene, acetylcholine, pollen and wax. Several of these ingredients in combination serve to inhibit bacterial growth, prevent colds and strengthen the immune system.
The anti-inflammatory properties of honey promote wound healing: On small wounds honey disinfects and ensures rapid closure. Along with its healing effects, organic honey also has nourishing properties. It moisturises and soothes at the same time. It strengthens skin resistance and soothes irritated areas.

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