lavera Organic macadamia nut oil

Organic macadamia nut oil


The macadamia nut – also known as “the queen of nuts” – originally comes from Australia (it is also called Australian hazelnut or Queensland nut). The macadamia is an evergreen tree approx. 15 m high, which begins to produce 2–3 cm large chestnut-like stone fruit after 7–8 years.


The hard shell conceals a precious nut which provides up to 70% pale yellow, fine, nutty oil. The so-called queen of nuts has a very high percentage of palmitoleic acid, also found in sea buckthorn pulp oil or avocado oil. The macadamia nut is rich in very valuable fats including omega 3 fatty acids and omega 6 fatty acids. has a smoothing effect and promotes regeneration.

The oil has outstanding properties when it comes to hair care. It is absorbed quickly and is very rich, providing noticeable intensive nourishment to brittle and dry hair and leaving it smooth and shiny.

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