lavera organic shea butter

organic shea butter


Country of origin: Burkina Faso The shea butter we use in our products is from certified organic cultivation and comes from Africa. The shea tree, aka shi tree or carite tree, is 15 m in height and is similar to the European oak tree. In Africa shea trees are considered to be holy and therefore must not be chopped down or harmed. The "butter tree" reaches an age of up to 300 years and does not bear its full fruit until it is 25 years old. Only women are allowed to harvest and process its fruit.


Due to its protective, conditioning, nourishing and skin regenerating properties shea butter is also referred to as "women's gold". The special thing about shea butter: it melts at body temperature. As its structure is compatible to that of the skin it penetrates deep into the skin tissue where it develops its healing effect. By forming a thin film on the skin it supports its protective layer and prevents moisture loss. At the same time it provides natural sun protection. Shea butter softens and smoothes the skin.

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