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Today, it is cultivated all over the world, with the Comoros and Madagascar as the main areas of cultivation. Bourbon Vanilla - the "true gold" - is the island's most important source of income. It is grown in tropical mixed cultivation. The climbing plant which grows up to 10m in height needs a tree to climb around. Would you have known?The vanilla plant is the world's biggest orchid. The plant forms seed pods which are 15 to 20 cm long. Harvesting the pods is an arduous task as the areas of cultivation are often located right in the centre of the rain forest and not all pods ripen at the same time. Constant control is therefore necessary. The pods are harvested in June and July. After the harvest the green pods are dipped into water, wrapped in a thick cloth and then dried (fermented) over a period of several months in a wooden box. As a result of the drying and fermentation process 5 kilos of green vanilla pods yield 1 kilo of dried pods after approx. 9 months. Vanilla Powder comes from biodynamic cultivation from the Comoro Islands. It is cultivated on Grande Comore, the main island of the Comoros, north of Madagascar off the East African Coast. Vanilla originally came from Mexico.


With its natural warm aroma, vanilla stimulates mental activity and thus fights tiredness. Its balsam-like fruit extract makes the skin soft and delicate.

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