Terms of use

1. Scope

a. These websites are provided by Laverana GmbH & Co. KG (hereinafter: Laverana) and their use is permitted exclusively based on these terms. These general terms of use may in individual cases be supplemented, modified or replaced by further terms, e.g., for the purchase or products or the provision of services. The validity of these general terms of use is accepted by means of a login, or, should a login not be required, through acceptance of utilisation.

b. Laverana provides certain information and/or documentation which can be accessed or downloaded from the Laverana websites. Furthermore, Laverana operates a blog on its websites to inform users about Laverana products.

c. Laverana is entitled to discontinue, modify, supplement or expand the operation of these websites and its offers, in whole or in part. Laverana does not assume any liability for the availability of the individual offers on the Laverana websites or an uninterrupted availability of the information and/or documentation is excluded.

2. Registration

a. Individual Laverana websites may be password protected and, in the interest of the security of commercial transactions, these pages may only be accessible to registered users. There is no entitlement to a registration through Laverana. Laverana reserves the right to make registration compulsory, even for those websites which until now were freely accessible.

b. Laverana is entitled to revoke right of access at any time by blocking the login data without need to state any reason, in particular if the user

  • has provided false information during registration,
  • breached these or other terms, or has not exercised due diligence in the handling of his login data,
  • has violated applicable law in accessing or using the websites of Laverana or
  • has not used the websites for a period of twelve months.

c. Where a registration is required, the user is obliged to make truthful statements when registering, and to inform Laverana of any later changes (as far as provided: online) without delay. The user will ensure that the e-mails sent to the e-mail address provided by him are received.

d. Following successful registration, the user will receive a user name and password (hereinafter: "user data"). During first-time access, the user will be required to replace the password provided by Laverana with a password known only to himself. The user data enable the user to view, change or delete his data.

e. The user is under obligation not to disclose the user data to any third party and shall be liable for any orders or other activities carried out using said user data. The user shall leave the password-protected area after each use. Should the user become aware that a third party is misusing the user data, he is under obligation to inform Laverana in writing without delay.

f. After receiving a notification in accordance with section 3 (e), Laverana will block access to the password-protected area with this user data. Is it only possible to lift the block after the user has made a separate request to Laverana or following re-registration.

3. Blog terms of use

a. Laverana provides a blog with the opportunity to comment on the posts of Laverana or third parties. In order to write a comment a registration is not necessary.

b. The information provided on the blog has been compiled with utmost care. However, Laverana does not assume any liability for the relevance, accuracy or completeness of the content provided on the blog and reserves the right to modify or supplement, or even delete it, in part or in whole. No liability is assumed for the content of this blog.

c. Laverana is also not responsible and assumes no liability whatsoever for the comments and their contents by users of this blog. Although there is no obligation, Laverana reserves the right to delete entries on this site without explanation or notice. Topics and entries may be edited, moved or deleted at any time. The comments function may be opened or closed by Laverana at any time. Users of this has no entitlement to this provision.

d. Should a comment breach these usage regulations or 'netiquette', the user may be barred from being able to comment. This applies in particular to comments with criminal, discriminatory, racist, indecent, offensive or commercial content or links to such sites. The same applies to comments with personal data, the unauthorised use of images, films, texts, photographs, musical works, etc belonging to third parties. Laverana has the right to delete, move, edit or publish any comment without justification and/or notice to the author of the comment.

4. References and links

Where the websites of Laverana contains direct or indirect references to third-party websites ('links'), Laverana takes no responsibility whatsoever for the content or functionality of these websites. In particular, Laverana does not espouse the statements and opinions expressed on external sites and assumes no liability for any breach of statutory provisions or rights of third parties committed on external websites. The use of these websites is at the user's own risk.

5. Copyright and trademark law

a. All images, films, texts, photographs and musical works belonging to Laverana are subject to copyright protection and are protected under other laws for the protection of intellectual property. These may be neither commercially copied, distributed, edited, translated or otherwise stored or modified in other media, including those in electronic form.

b. The information and documentation are protected both under copyright laws and international copyright agreements, as well as by laws and agreements regarding intellectual property. The user shall observe these rights and, in particular, shall not remove alphanumeric identifiers, trademarks and copyright notices either from the information or documentation or copies thereof.

c. Irrespective of the provisions set out in section 6 (a) and (b) of these general terms of use, information, trademarks and other contents from the websites of Laverana may not be modified, copied, reproduces, sold, rented, used, supplemented or exploited in any other way without the prior written consent of Laverana. Aside from the rights of use explicitly granted herein or other rights, the user is not granted any further rights of any kind whatsoever, in particular rights to the company name and industrial property rights, such as patents, utility patents or trademarks, nor is Laverana under obligation to grant any such rights.

d. Should the user post ideas or suggestions on the websites of Laverana, Laverana may use and exploit these to develop, improve or refine its own products and/or services free of charge, worldwide and unrestrictedly without compensation.

6. Duties of the user

When using the websites of Laverana, the user may not:

  • transgress standards of common decency,
  • distribute viruses, malware or any other kind of harmful software,
  • distribute advertisements or unsolicited e-mail advertisements ('spam'), invoke illegal competitions, sweepstakes, 
  • pyramid schemes, chain letters or comparable events,
  • breach industrial property rights of Laverana or third parties, or breach copyright and personality rights,
  • post links to pornographic, violence-glorifying, racist or other illegal or offensive websites.

7. Defects of title and quality

a. Insofar as information or documentation are made available free of charge on the websites of Laverana, liability for any defects of title or quality regarding the information or documentation, in particular for their correctness, accuracy, freedom from the property rights or copyrights of third parties, completeness and/or usability – with the exception of cases of intent or malice – is excluded.

b. Furthermore, Laverana shall not accept any liability whatsoever, except in case of premeditation, gross negligence, endangering life, body or health, provision of a guarantee of quality, malicious concealment of a defect or on account of infringement of key contractual obligations, pursuant to the product liability act. Compensation due to damages arising from the violation of key contractual obligations shall be limited, however, to typical contractual, foreseeable damages, unless in cases of premeditation or gross negligence.

c. Laverana accepts no liability for the lack of viruses on its websites. If documents or information are downloaded from the websites of Laverana, the user must ensure appropriate protection and adequate technical precautions.

d. The information and documentation on the websites of Laverana may contain specifications or general descriptions of products, which in some cases may not always be available (e.g., due to product changes). The desired characteristics of the products are therefore to be agreed in each case upon purchase.

Subsidiary agreements, court of jurisdiction, applicable law
a. Subsidiary agreements have not been made and must be made in written form.

b. If the user is a merchant in the sense of the German Commercial Code ('Handelsgesetzbuch'), the court of jurisdiction is Hanover, Federal Republic of Germany.

c. The websites of Laverana take into consideration the requirements of the Federal Republic of Germany. Laverana assumes no responsibility that the information and/or documentation on the Laverana websites can also be accessed or downloaded from locations outside of the respective country. If users from locations outside of the respective country access the websites of Laverana, they themselves are solely responsible for complying with the relevant regulations in accordance with the applicable national laws. Access to the information and/or documentation on the websites of Laverana from countries in which such access is unlawful is not allowed.

d. German law applies with the exclusion of UN purchasing law.

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