Natural Cosmetics Day – 23 November celebrations

Lavera Naturkosmetik is celebrating its birthday on 23 November. On that day, we will also be celebrating our very own, official Natural Cosmetics Day – with you of course, and with the wonderful feeling of doing something good for yourself and the environment. Hope you’re looking forward to it!


It’s the day of natural Cosmetics!

It has always been lavera’s goal to make natural personal care affordable and accessible to all. This is why our products are not only available from health shops, but also from many chemists and supermarkets.

To help convince even more people of the benefits of natural personal care, we have officially declared 23 November ‘Natural Cosmetics Day’. 

10 facts on natural personal care

Sustainable, natural, eco-friendly, biodegradable... Natural personal care offers many benefits and gained an extra 1.8 million customers1 in Germany in 2020 alone. And for good reason: natural personal care hasn’t been about ‘brown rice and sandals’ for a long time, and many of the related myths and prejudices have been dispelled. In keeping with the celebration of "Natural Cosmetics Day" on 23 November 2021, here are the ten most important facts about our favourite topic: natural personal care. 

1. Natural Cosmetics : A Nature Rescuer !

Those who switch to natural cosmetics reduce their ecological footprint and contribute to providing future generations with a healthy future worth living.


2. All about nature or what? The proof is in the seal.

The NATRUE or COSMOS Ecocert seal tells you whether a personal care product is genuinely natural. The NATRUE alliance was actually founded by lavera and other natural personal care product manufacturers in 2007. The seals were created to set binding standards for certified natural personal care products and provide consumers with a guarantee of tried and tested quality on the shelf. 


3. Not allowed in here!

Certified natural personal care products contain only vegetable oils and butters, and natural waxes, scents and colours. Paraffins, silicones, microplastics and synthetic fragrances on the other hand are banned. 

4. The power of plants – Nature works!

The myth that natural personal care products don’t do anything is a thing of the past. Nowadays, natural personal care products can easily compete with their conventional counterparts. Powerful ingredients such as Q10, collagen and hyaluronic acid, which are used in numerous anti-ageing products, can also be produced from natural plant sources. 

5. Smells so good!

While conventional products can dip into a range of 5000 synthetic fragrances, natural personal care products have only 400 natural scents to choose from, all of them based on essential oils. In fact, lavera is often used by consumers for its beautifully crafted fragrances. Lavera’s own Research & Development team not only works tirelessly to develop 100% natural innovative products, but it also creates the perfect scents to go with each one.

6. Good for your skin!

Conventional creams often contain artificial fragrances and preservatives. Certified natural personal care products on the other hand contain only natural ingredients which follow the example of nature. Natural personal care products are always a good choice, because the skin-similar substances they contain provide intense nourishment to the skin and strengthen its protective barrier. 

7. Time for a switch!

Silicones such as those found in conventional products, can form a film on the skin and fill wrinkles and pores. Certified natural skin care products are free from silicones and use only natural, skin-similar substances (such as lecithin) which are absorbed into the skin, providing lasting care. The skin learns to regenerate from within. 

8. Good for the environment!

In addition, silicones get into the groundwater not only via shampoos and conditioners, but also through face creams, make-up removers etc. Natural personal care products are formulated with ingredients which follow the example of nature and can safely be returned to the environment. 

9. Good packaging!

Recycling is also an important topic in natural personal care. When it comes to its product packaging, lavera consistently prioritizes reusable and recycled materials obtained from used water, fruit juice and milk packaging. Even with products, less is always more. laveras’ new solid shampoos and body wash bars for example come in a simple box which is made from FSC paper and is therefore completely plastic-free.


10. The colourful world of natural personal care!

It’s plain to see from shelves stocked with natural personal care products that they now include every product category you could possibly think of. From shampoo and body wash to anti-ageing treatments, there is something for every (skin and hair) type. lavera has 250 products in its range. From foot cream to make-up, the variety of natural products is endless. 


1GfK  Individual panel, MAT June 2021 vs. previous year

We are replanting the forests of Germany!


lavera Naturkosmetik is starting to replant German forests right now and campaigning for environmental protection


Discover the first areas we have reforested in the vicinity of our headquarters near Hanover

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