Frau streckt die Arme in die Luft und ist mit geschlossenen Augen in die Sonne gerichtet. die Achseln sind zu sehen

Beautiful armpits with lavera Naturkosmetik

Short sleeves, airy fabrics and breathable materials feel good, especially in summer. We've put together three underarm care tips to make sure your armpits look neat and tidy when wearing short sleeves. 

3 tips for naturally fresh underarms in summer

1. The flannel - tried and tested for fresh underarms

The good old flannel seems to have fallen out of favour with a lot of people. But it is still worth its weight in gold for underarm hygiene. Simply use it to wash your armpits thoroughly in the morning before applying deodorant and really give your skin a good rub. This makes it more difficult for bacteria to accumulate under the armpits and keeps you feeling fresh for longer.

2. Underarm detox

Ever heard of an underarm detox? The detox trend is now getting under the armpits! Use this mask once a week to take extra care of the sensitive underarm area and to bind sweaty substances. Mix chickpea flour, healing earth and soya yoghurt in equal parts and apply under the armpits. Wash off after 10 to 15 minutes and apply a lavera Naturkosmetik Deodorant.

Frau liegt auf Kissen mit den Armen uber dem Kopf und lacht

3. Underarm peeling with the Smooth Skin Shower Scrub

We exfoliate our whole body, why not our armpits as well? For naturally beautiful armpits, gently apply lavera Natural Cosmetic Smooth Skin Shower Scrub once a week under the armpits and then treat with bodylotion. Apply deodorant once the bodylotion has been absorbed.

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