Frau laechelnd nur Mund und Zaehne zu sehen

Natural Dental Care

The carefully prepared natural formulas used in our dental care products combine our proven Naturkosmetik ingredients to provide effective and natural tooth cleaning. We have developed a new surfactant system so that you can enjoy the feeling of freshness after brushing for longer and your teeth feel clean and healthy all day long!

The best part: all lavera toothpastes are vegan!

Nachhaltige Zahnputz- und Pflege-Utensilien


lavera offers different types of toothpaste: those with fluoride and others where we have consciously chosen not to add fluoride. We’d like to explain why.

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Kind in Wiese mit Hund im Hintergrund lacht in die Kamera Pflanze zwischen den Zaehnen

Tips for cleaning children's teeth

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Whether it's tips for fresh underarms or the right care for your skin type, there is something for everyone!  

Frau streckt die Arme in die Luft und ist mit geschlossenen Augen in die Sonne gerichtet. die Achseln sind zu sehen

Beautiful armpits with lavera Naturkosmetik

We've put together three underarm care tips to make sure your armpits look neat and tidy when wearing short sleeves. 

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Proper care for dry skin: What you need to know

Is your skin a “sensitive soul”? Especially when temperatures are at their most extreme, i.e. in winter and summer, daily care for dry and sensitive skin can be a real challenge. 

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