Großer Ginkgobaum mit dunklem Stamm und leuchtenden gruenen Blaettern von unten fotografiert

Ginkgo – Timeless beauty

If this tree could speak, it would have plenty of tales to tell: the ginkgo tree is one of the oldest trees on Earth, and one of the most important plants in Far Eastern naturopathy. In skin care, ginkgo is used as a balancing treatment. In some lavera facial cleansing products for normal and combination skin, this plant ingredient gives the skin an even and refined appearance when used as part of a careful blend of active ingredients.

Leuchtend grünes Ginkgoblatt mit durchscheinendem Licht in Nahaufnahme
Einzelnes grünes Ginkgoblatt mit Wassertropfen auf weißem Hintergrund
INCI designation: Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract 

 Typical growing regions: China, Japan
 Talent: helps your skin maintain its balance

Living fossil

The ginkgo tree is a living fossil: it is believed that it adorned the prehistoric landscape as far back as approx. 190 million years ago, when it served as a valuable forage plant on all continents.

The Godfather of trees

Großer Ginkgobaum mit dunklem Stamm und leuchtenden gruenen Blaettern von unten fotografiert

The Ginkgo biloba belongs to the ginkgo family. It is a particularly resilient and robust tree – one possible reason for this may be its age. Over its many years of existence, the ginkgo tree has managed to survive changes in climate and various unfavourable external stimuli. The tree is related to conifers, although it has leaves rather than needles. Thanks to the simply unmistakeable, fanned shape of its leaves, resembling a long head of hair, it is also known as the “maidenhair tree”. The special leaf shape represents the balancing force of Yin und Yang. The deciduous tree can reach a height of up to 40 metres, and can live as long as 3,000 years.

Weiße Porzellanschale in Herzform mit zwei einzelnen Ginkgoblaettern mit Wassertropfen auf dunklem Holzuntergrund

In Balance – A balancing treatment for your skin

The ginkgo extract used in lavera Naturkosmetik products is acquired from the leaves of the ancient tree and, when used in select facial cleansing products, gives the skin an even, refined and radiant appearance. When used on combination skin in particular, this particularly effective plant extract can contribute to providing a balancing treatment, thus restoring your skin’s equilibrium.

Ginkgo in our products
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