Mehrere Avocados mit Blättern am Baum in der Natur

Organic avocado – A power fruit with nourishing properties

The bright green avocado fruit is packed with vitamins and minerals, making it rank among the VIPs of exotic soft fruits. This super fruit is also highly impressive across the board in natural skin care: Avocado cares for your skin with its valuable fat and pure moisture. Every part of the body benefits from its nourishing oil: In facial and body care, it provides your skin with valuable nutrients, the delicate lip contour area gets an extra portion of pampering care, while organic avocado extracts make hair extra shiny and silky. 

Aufgeschnittene Avocado mit Kern und Blatt auf weißem Hintergrund
Aufgeschnittene Avocado mit Kern und Blatt auf weißem Hintergrund

INCI-designation: Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Fruit Extract and Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil*

Typical growing regions: America and Asia

Special characteristic: Natural shine for beautiful hair

Avocado – “Butter of the forest”

The evergreen avocado tree belongs to the laurel family and originates from Central and South America . Today, avocados are cultivated mostly in the USA and Mexico. The fruits in our own supermarkets are mostly imported from Israel, Spain or South Africa.

Avocado oil – the beauty secret of the Tropics

Aufgeschnittene Avocados liegen mit Kern und Oelflasche auf weißem Holztisch

Just like olive oil and the oil from the sea buckthorn bush, avocado oil is referred to as a pulp oil. As such, avocado oil can make an important contribution to the health of your skin: It is very skin-friendly, particularly compatible and easily absorbed into the skin. 

Mehrere Avocados mit Blättern am Baum in der Natur

It can prevent your skin from losing valuable moisture and is thus particularly good for skin that is dry and needs intensive care. The oil is also a natural moisturiser and helps to smooth out small skin imperfections. 

Organic avocado oil in our products

In some lavera hair care products, the carefully balanced natural composition with organic avocado extracts ensures beautiful, silky hair. The rich but not overly heavy extracts of this carefully balanced natural composition coat the hair surface lightly, making it silkier and easier to comb.

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