Mehrere zarte Chiapflanzen mit violetten Blüten

Organic chia seeds – small and packed with power

In our part of the world, these teeny-weeny power packs have only recently come to our attention: Chia seeds only became fashionable in 2009 as a so-called superfood, and are a popular nutrient especially with vegetarians and vegans. Yet the small power seeds have been considered a true “power food” since time immemorial, above all in the ancient Maya civilization. We at lavera Naturkosmetik likewise rely on this fashionable, small source of minerals, and have incorporated organic chia seeds into our valuable, well-balanced natural compositions for natural body cleansing.

Quinoasamen auf Hand in Nahaufnahme
Mehrere kleine dunkle und vereinzelt helle Chiasamen in Nahaufnahme mit weißem Hintergrund

INCI-designation: Salvia Hispanica Seed Extract   

Typical growing regions: Mexico and Guatemala 

Special characteristic: Robust source of minerals for beautiful skin

Small power packs

Chia seeds are found in the South American chia plant, which is also known by the name of Salvia hispanica and belongs to the mint family (Lamiaceae). Did you know that chia seeds belong to the so-called “pseudocereals”, alongside quinoa and amaranth? This name describes those cereals that are used as such, but cannot be baked and do not contain gluten.

Gentle care for fine skin

Weiße Porzellanschale in Herzform gefüllt mit dunklen Chiasamen und kleiner silberfarbener Löffel mit Chiasamen auf dunklem Holztisch

The small chia seeds are true power packs that contain an impressive amount of nutrients. Among other things, they contain valuable omega-3 fatty acids, protein and minerals such as calcium, magnesium and zinc, plus vitamins and fibres.  

Mehrere zarte Chiapflanzen mit violetten Blüten

Chia seed extracts moisturise your skin, helping to make it silky soft.  

Organic chia seeds in our products
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