Nahaufnahme von Meerestrauben

Sea grapes – the natural protective shield

Beauty from the sea: the beauty benefits of algae have been known for quite some time now. Their high concentration of nutrients and high antioxidant content make them a real star in the world of natural anti-ageing treatments. In selected lavera facial care and cleansing products, sea grapes, a type of green alga from (sub) tropical regions, can preserve the beauty of your skin.

Frau hält Meerestrauben in den Händen
Frau hält Meerestrauben in den Händen
INCI designation: Caulerpa Lentillifera Extract 

Typical growing regions: tropical and subtropical seas 

Talent: natural protection

Mineral-rich beauty miracle from the sea 

Sea grapes are a creeping, sprouting alga, which grows primarily in the Indo-Pacific coastal region. It is also known as “green caviar”, as the grapes of the algae are similarly soft and juicy. 

An important part of the lavera Beauty Protection skin care line

Meerestrauben in weißer herzförmigen Porzellanschale

In selected lavera facial care products, the alga is used in the form of a high-quality sea grape and rice protein complex. This carefully blended composition consists of extracts from the sea grape (Caulerpa lentillifera), supplemented with hydrolysed rice bran protein.

Nahaufnahme von Meerestrauben

This powerful combination can improve the texture of your skin. As a valuable ingredient of natural origin, the sea grape can gently cleanse or softly nourish your skin. Sea grape can support the cohesion of the epidermis and dermis, thus improving and firming the skin texture. 

Sea grapes in our products

In some lavera facial care and cleansing products, the sea grape forms an important part of a carefully blended composition. In conjunction with other plant ingredients, sea grape extract can help to nourish and protect your skin.

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