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Proper nourishment for extremely dry and sensitive faces

If you suffer from very dry, sensitive skin or neurodermatitis, you have to be very cautious about the products and beauty routines you include in your skincare regime. Find out the signs of sensitive or very dry skin, and how best to look after your face here in our lavera advice section.  

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These are the signs of very dry, sensitive skin

The classic signs are your skin feeling tight, skin that feels rough to the touch, sometimes cracked and visibly flaky. In this case, you should visit a dermatologist

Once you start scratching, the irritation will get worse: germs and bacteria will make sure of that. The skin is flaky, with raw patches, and potential eczema will take a long time to subside.

Factors that play a part in causing sensitive skin 

There are several factors that play a part in causing very dry skin or allergic reactions on the face: 

Classic suspects include food intolerances, house dust mites and their excrement or animal hairs contained in the dust, and the immune system's reaction associated with that. 

If you have an allergic reaction to these or other factors, you should consult a doctor. The following sections suggest some tips and products to avoid further irritating particularly sensitive or very dry skin during daily cleansing and care and to reduce the risk of irritation.

How to nourish very dry, sensitive faces

Less is more with this type of skin! The most important thing is to prevent the skin from drying out and to support natural regeneration of the skin's protective barrier. A weakened barrier leads to the skin being more susceptible to drying out and germs and allergens penetrating the skin, which causes the skin to react . 

Imbalanced skin may not tolerate classic skin care products and reacts to certain emulsifiers, fragrance oils, colourants and conventional preservatives. One solution is to avoid irritating substances in skin care as far as possible. Using skincare products with just a few effective ingredients that support the skin lipid barrier and strengthen the skin's protective function is a step in the right direction.

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Face fluids or nourishing creams should be applied before going to sleep so that the care products have time to work overnight. When applying a care product, you can also encourage blood flow in your face by giving yourself a gentle face massage.

We have developed a special daily nourishment and cleansing skincare series that meets the special requirements of dry and sensitive skin. The lavera Naturkosmetik Neutral Ultra Sensitive skincare series is deliberately made without additional artificial fragrances and preservatives (preservatives according to the EU cosmetic products regulation). These products contain high-quality ingredients, such as organic evening primrose, that protect and calm your skin.

How to clean very dry, sensitive faces

If your skin's protective barrier is damaged or weakened, you should avoid cleansing too often or too intensively. The protective layer that builds up on your skin overnight should not be washed away first thing in the morning. We therefore recommend using mild cleansing products mainly in the evening. That way you can wash away the impacts of everyday life and take care of your skin. Micellar water or a gentle cleansing emulsion, free of fragrances will provide especially mild facial cleansing.

After cleansing, carefully pat your face dry with a clean towel. Avoid rubbing, applying too much pressure or tugging on your face when drying it, as that can further irritate your skin and damage the natural protective barriers. Once you have patted your face dry, you can apply a nourishing cream or a fluid on your face and gently massage it in.

Face massage in 3 steps

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1. Dab the cream on your forehead, cheeks and chin and then begin to work it in while moving outwards. Massage the cream into your face with a stroking movement from the middle of the chin to the ears along the jawbone.

2. Now it's time for the cheeks: stroke gently from the nose towards the cheekbones, then spread a little of the cream on your nose and repeat the process from the nose outwards until the cream is rubbed in.

3. Your forehead wants to be pampered too! Stroke upwards to the hairline from the middle of the forehead and sideways to the cheekbones. You can change the order according to your problem areas.

Very dry, sensitive skin overview

The most important facts at a glance

  • Signs primarily include irritated skin
  • The skin's protective barrier is no longer intact, allowing allergens to penetrate
  • Nourishment will encourage regeneration of the skin's protective barrier
  • Skincare regimes are most effective in the evening
  • Use mild cleansing emulsions or micellar water

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