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The new products from the lavera body care range combine effective moisturising care with the wonderful lavera feeling of doing something good for yourself and the environment.

Our new lavera body care range includes carefully selected products of 100% certified natural cosmetic quality for different skin types and needs: from gentle and well-tolerated 24-hour moisturising care to indulgent products with versatile fragrances.

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The best body care? Natural & well-tolerated

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Well-cared for skin from head to toe not only looks beautiful, it also provides a great sense of well-being. No wonder that many women have long considered Body Lotion or Body Milk an essential step in their daily care routine. They want simple, well-tolerated products which are easy to use, rapidly absorbed and leave a pleasant scent.

lavera is proof that this can all be done with 100% certified natural cosmetics quality. With a new body care line which focuses on natural and well-tolerated moisturising care. The gentle formulas are tailored to different skin types, free from mineral oils, artificial scents, colours and preservatives (*according to the EU Cosmetics Regulation), and their beneficial moisturising effects leave the skin feeling noticeably soft, day after day. All the more reason to discover lavera natural cosmetics right now!

Finally: noticeably soft skin – gently and naturally

With over 30 years of knowledge and experience in natural cosmetics, at lavera, we constantly strive to improve and refine our products. Every time we develop something new, we endeavour to find the best possible natural solution to meet the needs of consumers.

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This is also reflected by our new lavera body care range, at the heart of which is our basis sensitiv line of well-tolerated products of certified natural cosmetic quality. The gentle formulas with organic aloe vera and other natural ingredients are carefully tailored to suit different skin types. The fast-absorbing Body Lotion Express, the Firming Body Lotion Q10 and the new Regenerating Body Milk all provide 24-hour moisture, leaving the skin noticeably soft and scented with a light and fresh fragrance. 

The gentle and well-tolerated basis sensitiv range is complemented by beautifully scented and indulgent lavera products to suit different skin care needs: Discover the Revitalising Body Lotion with the invigorating scent of organic orange extract, the Refreshing Body Lotion with its zesty lime scent, the Gentle Body Milk with wild rose oil for a sensual olfactory experience and our Regenerating Body Milk for mature skin with its indulgent fragrance.

As with all of our natural cosmetic products, our new body care range brings with it the wonderful lavera feeling of doing something good for yourself and the environment.

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Our products are free from mineral oils or synthetic fragrances, colours or preservatives (according to the EU Cosmetics Regulation) and contain only natural thickeners such as xanthan gum instead of liquid microplastics. Our products are made in Germany and we aim to impress when it comes to packaging: For example, the bottle and cap of our body lotions are made from 100% recycled plastic and the jar of our basis sensitiv cream is recyclable.

Modern body care with a long tradition

basis sensitiv products have a long tradition at lavera and have been at the heart of the brand since it was founded in 1987

The success story began with the basis sensitiv lip balm, the first lavera natural cosmetic product to see the light of day. Since then, we have continuously developed and refined our products to respond to consumer demand for cosmetics that are in line with the times.

The new basis sensitiv body care line does it with flying colours, providing gentle, well-tolerated products for different needs, allowing you to take care of your skin the simple and natural way. The vegan formulas with aloe vera have a subtle fragrance, provide lasting moisture and leave the skin feeling noticeably smooth for longer.


Our new favourite products for smooth, beautiful skin

The new body care range from lavera provides well-tolerated products of 100% certified natural cosmetic quality for different skin care needs: from gentle, 24-hour everyday moisturising care to pampering fragrance experience. Free from mineral oils.

Three basis sensitiv products are the current favourites of our new lavera body care range. They provide everything you could want for daily body care: The gentle and well-tolerated formulas contain organic aloe vera and are carefully tailored to different skin types. The fast-absorbing Body Lotion Express, Firming Body Lotion Q10 and Regenerating Body Milk all provide beneficial 24-hour moisture, leaving the skin noticeably soft, and scented with a light and fresh fragrance.

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Discover a simple and natural approach to skin care with lavera, and experience the feel-good factor of helping us to make an effective contribution to protecting the environment. With everyday products which are completely free from mineral oils, artificial fragrances, colours (according to the EU Cosmetics Regulation), contain no liquid microplastics, are vegan, PETA and Natrue certified, and are made in Germany. 

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The Revitalising Body Lotion with organic orange & organic almond oil is quickly absorbed and combines wonderfully light moisturising care with a revitalising fragrance experience. Organic orange exudes a stimulating fragrance that revives the senses and is renowned for its beneficial effects on the skin.

The nourishing and moisture-retaining properties of organic almond oil make it an ideal skin care partner.

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For special moments of indulgence, try the Gentle Body Milk with organic wild rose & organic shea butter. Provides dry skin with intense moisture, prevents it from drying out and pampers the senses with a lovely floral fragrance. Organic wild rose is known for its high content of vitamin C. Its strengthening effect leaves the skin feeling pleasant.


Organic shea butter is naturally rich in valuable compounds such as vitamin E; its intensely nourishing properties make it a sought-after ingredient for the care of dry skin.

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Regenerating Body Milk from lavera leaves the skin feeling firmer and regenerated. The gentle formula with organic cranberry and organic argan oil provides intense moisture for demanding skin and promotes skin regeneration.

Organic cranberry is rich in antioxidants and helps to combat the first signs of premature skin ageing. In this nourishing formula, it is combined with precious argan oil. Argan oil is a radical scavenger, soothes the skin and has beneficial effects on mature and demanding skin.

Regenerierend indoor Set

The Invigorating Body Lotion from lavera with organic lime & organic almond oil provides an extra dose of freshness. It is quickly absorbed, provides intense moisture and indulges the senses with the invigorating scent of limes.


Organic lime exudes a zesty fragrance that awakens the senses and has a refreshing effect. Organic almond oil is highly prized for its nourishing and moisture-retaining properties.

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