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Gentle freshness from nature

Feel the gentle power of nature on your skin, and let the enticing natural fragrances and delicate lather transform your daily shower into a feel-good experience.

Also experience the wonderful feeling of helping us make an effective contribution to environmental protection with vegan products that are Free of microplastics, biodegradable and Natrue certified. Our products are made in Germany and sustainably packaged: the new Body Wash from lavera comes in 250 ml bottles made from 100% recycled plastic, including the cap.

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Natural and sustainable conditioning body washes – kind to the skin and to the environment


Experience the lavera feeling of extra-gentle and well-tolerated body cleansing with our new conditioning body washes. With gentle personal care products that are free of microplastics and synthetic fragrances, colours and preservatives (according to the EU cosmetics regulation).

Our products are made in Germany and we prioritise sustainably packaging. For example, the 250 ml bottles in the new Conditioning Body Wash range from lavera, including the cap, are made from 100% recycled plastic. In addition, basis sensitiv 2in1 Conditioning Body Wash and Revitalising Conditioning Body Wash also come in sustainable 500 ml refill pouches.

Other plus points:our formulas are vegan, biodegradable, free of microplastics and certified according to the strict standards of Natrue and PETA.

Gentle conditioning body washes for an intact skin flora


Nature is the ultimate engineer: as soon as we are born, our skin is cocooned in an invisible protective mantle: the skin flora. The skin flora consists of a multitude of microorganisms and is also known as the microbiome.

The countless “friendly” bacteria on healthy skin keep pathogens in check and its pH in range, as well as supporting its barrier function. To help these beneficial microbes fulfil these important tasks, the skin supplies them with nutrient-rich sebum and sweat.

However, the skin flora needs protection too. Stress, excess sun and too little sleep can all disturb its balance.

Good to know: The new conditioning body washes from lavera can help to maintain the protective barrier of the skin. They are formulated with a physiological pH and contain only mild natural surfactants. Therefore, they are well-tolerated and particularly gentle on the skin flora.

Carefully balanced surfactant ratios provide an indulgent lather experience, and naturally, all our surfactants are biodegradable. All the above make the conditioning body washes from lavera into a holistic wellness experience: For the love of you, your skin and the environment.


The new conditioning body washes: as relaxing as an escape into nature


With their gentle formulas, natural ingredients and versatile fragrances, our new lavera conditioning body washes provide relaxation, stimulate the senses and a sense of well-being, like an escape into nature. With six shower products to choose from to suit different needs, finding the right mini-break from everyday life just got easier.

basis sensitiv 2in1 Conditioning Body Wash for body and hair and basis sensitiv Shower Cream will make you feel as good as a day by the sea. The sensation of the water, the soft lather and subtle fresh fragrance let you experience the gentle power of nature and complete contentment. 

Our lime-scented Refreshing Conditioning Body Wash and the lime and rosemary fragrance of the Body Scrub bring the essence of Mediterranean gardens into your bathroom. For an invigorating feel-good break, opt for the Revitalising Body Wash whose enlivening fragrance will transport you to a sunny orange grove. 

And if your happy place is a landscape of dunes filled with wild roses in bloom, Indulgent Conditioning Body Wash is just the ticket for you with its gentle floral fragrance.

Six new personal care favourites for a sustainable shower experience

Enjoy a pleasurable and therapeutic shower experience with our new basis sensitiv Shower Cream with organic aloe vera and organic almond oil – also suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

With its physiological pH, the well-tolerated formula with mild surfactants gently cleanses the skin, also protecting its natural microflora, while the classic fresh basis sensitiv fragrance provides a holistic wellness experience.


Organic aloe vera is known for its soothing properties and is therefore often used in products for sensitive skin. Here it is teamed with organic almond oil, which is known for its nourishing and emollient properties.


Natural, sustainable and practical: formulated with a physiological pH, organic aloe vera and phytokeratin, our extra-skin-friendly basis sensitiv 2in1 Conditioning Body Wash is all of these things.

Discover how gently it cleanses your body and hair, leaving your skin feeling noticeably soft and transforming your daily shower into a feel-good experience with its subtle, fresh fragrance. 


Refreshing Conditioning Body Wash with organic lime & organic lemongrass was created to get your day off to a fresh start. Formulated with a physiological pH, it gently cleanses the skin and protects its natural microflora, while the zesty, citrussy lime fragrance makes for an invigorating shower experience.


Organic lime invigorates the senses with its zesty fragrance while organic lemongrass is known for its purifying and refreshing properties.


For an invigorating shower experience, try Revitalising Conditioning Body Wash with organic orange and organic mint. Formulated with a physiological pH, it gently cleanses the skin and protects its natural microflora, while the fresh and summery orange fragrance provides a holistic sense of well-being.

Organic orange revives the senses with its stimulating fragrance and is renowned for its excellent skin care properties. Organic mint revives tired skin.


Indulgent Conditioning Body Wash from lavera with organic wild rose and organic cotton gives you a pleasurable mini break from everyday life. The physiological pH gently cleanses the skin while the gentle floral wild rose fragrance transforms your shower into a relaxing wellness experience.


Organic wild rose is known for its high content of vitamin C and leaves the skin feeling pleasant. Organic cotton has outstanding skin care properties.


Dreaming of silky soft skin?


Experience the new Body Scrub from lavera with organic rosemary and organic green coffee. Its natural exfoliating particles made from ground olive stones gently remove dead skin cells while mild surfactants provide gentle cleansing.


Let the unique invigorating green fragrance of lime and rosemary wrap you in a moment of complete contentment.

Organic rosemary is prized for its stimulating properties. Organic green coffee is used for its skin care properties.

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