Shiny, glossy hair

Silky smooth hair and lustrous volume are not just a natural wonder; they are the result of correct hair care! We have developed revolutionary care formulas that make your hair silky smooth, provide lasting condition or lustrous volume thanks to our new silicone-free conditioning formulas. Discover miracle smoothness from the lavera hair care range here and find the perfect care for your individual hair type! 

Weiblicher Hinterkopf mit nassen Haaren voller Haarspuelung Haende fahren durch nasses Haar
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Our new Firming skin care series ist here!

Discover how these perfectly coordinated products counteract the skin ageing process the natural way, and experience a firm, fresh and even complexion.

Give yourself a natural facelift

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Discover helpful tips, product recommendations and fascinating background information about our top beauty topics!

Frau mit blonden Haaren in der Natur hält einen Arm über ihren Kopf

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Breathtaking Make-up Tips

Experience the latest trends with lavera Naturkosmetik and fall in love with our colour cosmetics. Get the hottest make-up tips and inspiration here all year round. We will show you step by step how to highlight your natural beauty. 

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